Double Agents’ Leroy, Darrell & Others React to Episode 18

Double Agents’ Leroy, Darrell & Others React to Episode 18


The Challenge: Double Agents cast

The first part of the two-part final of The Challenge: Double Agents aired on April 14, the 18th episode of the season so far, and the hour-long episode titled “No Time to Die” did a great job of setting up the second half of the final. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the 18th episode of The Challenge: Double Agents which aired on April 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

The episode kicked off with the eight remaining contestants celebrating the announcement that they’d made it to the final. The cast members were informed by TJ that they’d first have to run three miles before their first checkpoint, which was a repeat of the first challenge of the season. He also indicated that the team in fourth place after the first day would be automatically eliminated.

Chris “CT” Tamburello and Amber Borzotra, who both did very well in the endurance run, each won their heats at the first checkpoint in dominating performances. Amber, as the overall winner, was given the choice to change partners but chose to stay with CT.

The teams then took off for another two-mile run to the next checkpoint, an eating challenge. During that run, Fessy Shafaat was seen pushing his partner Kaycee Clark hard as they worked to stay at the front of the pack, with Kam Williams and Cory Wharton in third and Leroy Garrett and Nany Gonzalez in fourth.

Kaycee then suffered a knee injury and it looked as though she was in extreme pain and unable to put any weight on it. Kaycee managed to make it to the checkpoint, but her partner Fessy seemed not to want to eat any of the food because he believed they would not be able to keep competing anyway. CT and Amber again dominated the checkpoint and the episode ended as they deliberated how to use their power, the ability to give another team an extra plate.

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Cast Members Reacted to the Final 4 Teams & the Start of the Final Challenge

One fan wrote, “Can Leroy stop saying “if CT keeps winning” as if Amber B isn’t mopping the floor with these bitches #TheChallenge36.” Another said, “is it really an eating challenge if cory ain’t projectile vomiting in all different angles.”

There Were Many Reactions to Kaycee’s Injury & Fessy’s Reaction to the Eating Challenge

Jisela Delgado, who’s currently appearing on The Challenge: All Stars, tweeted, “Y’all gotta start paying attention when people show you who they are. Somebody add the footage of Fessy and @AneesaMTV doing the eating challenge. #challenge36.” Darrell Taylor also retweeted the following post:

Fans also had a lot to say, with one writing, “Kaycee taking a Big Bite of Ram Testicle with one good leg is one of the most bada** moments in Challenge history. Fessy refusing to eat with Kaycee going all out with one leg is one of the most b****-a** moments in Challenge history.”

Another said, “Sooooooooo Kaycee is basically continuing on a dislocated knee and b**** a** Fessy still doesn’t want to eat but wants to be called the new challenge legend #TheChallenge36.”

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