DWTS Pro Sharna Burgess Hits Back at Social Media Follower

DWTS Pro Sharna Burgess Hits Back at Social Media Follower

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One of the Dancing With The Stars contestants was almost Bachelorette!

One side effect of being a “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer is amassing a large following on social media, which can be both good and bad. Sometimes, the professional dancers are hit with criticism from their followers.

Seasoned “Dancing With the Stars” pro Sharna Burgess has amassed over 870,000 followers on Instagram, where she often shares advertisements for products as well as sharing snippets from her own life, including from her relationship with actor Brian Austin Green.

Burgess recently ran into issues with her followers, however. She shared a photo on her Instagram stories that explained why she chooses to share advertisements for certain products with her followers.

Burgess Says She Shares the Advertisements to Make a Living

Sharna Burgess InstagramSharna Burgess Instagram


In the screenshot, Burgess shared some messages she’s received from one follower who responds to her Instagram stories. The messages included comments on Burgess’s hairstyles as well as the promotion Burgess does for certain products on her stories.

Burgess started the message back to her follower by saying her hair had been red and not pink as well as by saying she wanted to address the comment since she’s seen it multiple times.

“In a barely post-pandemic world where dance is scarce, why on earth would you be turned off by people trying to still make a living, pay their bills, or for some, feed their kids,” Burgess wrote. “You may not love seeing me do anything but dance, however, you should know that dance alone (even before COVID) cannot be a consistent dependable income.”

Burgess added, “Would you prefer we also waited tables? Since the beginning of ‘celebrity,’ brands have paid to have them endorse their product.”

Burgess Compared Her Product Promotion to Celebrities in Commercials

In her message, Burgess referenced actor Matthew McConaughey’s car commercials as a way to situate her product endorsements as advertisements. She questioned whether that is more acceptable for people because they are on television or feature major brands.

“I understand you would prefer to see us dance and only dance,” she added. “And that’s ok truly, you can choose to unfollow, or simply keep scrolling. No one is forcing you to watch or look. And though you are absolutely entitled to your opinion, I remind you to have compassion, and think before you judge.”

Burgess isn’t the only one who has dealt with this kind of situation online, as many professional dancers from “Dancing With the Stars” have shared similar struggles with social media.

Earlier in 2021, professional dancer Lindsay Arnold hit back at people claiming she edits her photos or is ashamed of her c-section scar. Arnold uploaded a photo showing her scar and telling her followers why she has embraced it rather than hidden it away.

“There has been some speculation on my last couple posts about whether or not I have been photoshopping my scar out of my pictures… now I usually don’t even give time of day to comments like this BUT I feel like this needs to be addressed as it’s important to me that you all know that my c-section scar is now my favorite part of my body.”

“Dancing With the Stars” will return for season 30 in the fall of 2021, likely around the middle of September.

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