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Earl Cameron was born on August 08, 1917, was a British actor, born in Bermuda and a long-time resident in England.

He died on July 03, 2020 at the age of 102.

The actor arrived in the UK from Bermuda in 1939, and it was difficult for him to find acting work, but he was given a role in the chorus line in the theatre production of Chu Chin Chow.

After landing his role in Pool of London, he went on to appear in films like Simba, Adongo, Sapphire and Guns at Batasi, before in 1965, he bagged his most high profile role yet, starring as Pinder in the James Bond film Thunderball, alongside Sean Connery.

The following year, he starred as astronaut Williams in the Doctor Who episode The Tenth Planet, becoming the first black actor to ever play an astronaut.

The serial is partly missing due to BBC’s policy of wiping archived programmes, but wa spieced back together with animation to be released on DVD in 2013. 

Circumstances surrounding his death is yet to be revealed. We will update you as soon as we have more information about his death.

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