Ebit Lew Leaked Photos? Who is Ebit Lew? Biography, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Ebit Lew Leaked Photos? Who is Ebit Lew? Biography, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Who Is Ebit Lew?

Ebit Lew was born in Muadzam Shah, Pahang on 21 December 1984 under the name Lew Yun Pau. He is the third child of 11 siblings. He converted to Islam at the age of 12 after following closely about the religion.

Ebit Lew is a Chinese Malaysian Islamic entrepreneur and preacher . He is known for his bearded appearance, cap and kurta as well as his approach to the poor, the marginalized, teenagers, and the LGBTQ+group. In addition, he is also known for his family motivation seminars, Sunnah Family and owner of the Elewsmart supermarket chain.

Ebit Lew Leaked Photos? What We Know.

The issue started public responses and many scrutinized the legitimacy of the post and some attempted to discover replies about the genuine reason for the issue yet without any result. Some netizens likewise presumed that there were endeavors made by specific gatherings to sully Ebit Lew’s appearance.

Muslim preacher Ebit Lew is facing yet another issue regarding a ‘video’ of him that has become a hot topic on social media. The video caused an uproar on social media as it shows an individual resembling the preacher behaving inappropriately in bed.

One user on Twitter commented that this sort of issue has happened before to tarnish the name of several Muslim preachers in the country. The previous victim was Ustaz Azhar Idrus, who is a well-known preacher and was also loved by many. “Previously, it was Ustaz Azhar Idrus. Now it’s Ebit Lew’s turn. Sex videos have been used many times to tarnish people’s name. So boring,” remarked the user in his post.

According to Utusan Online, no report or confirmation has been received by the PDRM regarding the alleged video involving the preacher. According to a police source, no victim has come forward to lodge a report on the matter. “We have not received confirmation yet,” he said briefly on Monday (26th July). The issue remains as a public discussion on Twitter as the search results of Ebit Lew on Twitter have revealed several tweets commenting about the individual in question and linking it to the leaked video.

The issue also had caught the attention of several well-known individuals on social media and gave the impression that the truth regarding the preacher would be revealed soon. A post was uploaded on Twitter on 17th July by a user who questioned what would happen if a well-known figure turns out to be a sexual predator. “This person is someone who is admired and loved by Malaysians. It is so hard to believe that is his real character,” wrote the individual.

Despite his name continuously being the talk of the town, to date, there has been no statement from Ebit Lew regarding the allegations made against him.

Previously, the controversy involving Ebit Lew started when rapper Caprice revealed about his humanitarian mission to Gaza recently, which led Ebit to conduct a media session with the public to answer the speculations that arose relating to his humanitarian mission.