Eddie Mekka’s Cause of Unexpected Death Is Behind Shadows

Eddie Mekka's Cause of Unexpected Death Is Behind Shadows

Sad to inform you of Carmine The Big Ragu Ragusa of Laverne & Shirley’s passing on December 2, 2021. Eddie Mekka’s cause of death is yet unclosed; however, there’s a lot to learn about the actor, so stay with us.

The well-known actor was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. He had attended the Berklee College of Music, besides achieving a Tony Award nomination for his leading role in the 1975 Broadway musical The Lieutenant.

The multitalented entertainer led him to receive a Tony Nomination who got his start at the Worcester County Light Opera in Massachusetts as a voice instructor before landing his first significant role in 1975 in Broadway’s The Lieutenant.

As he moved to Los Angeles, he was able to get roles on two Garry Marshall-created sitcoms, including Blansky’s Beauties and Laverne & Shirley.

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Eddie Mekka’s Cause of Death: What Happened?

As you may already know, many have been tweeting due to the tragic loss. Eddie Mekka’s cause of death is yet unknown, although it’s said that he passed away peacefully. May he rest in peace.

It’s said that he passed away on Saturday, November 27, at his home in Newhall, California, at the age of 69 as his heartfelt news was announced on Facebook by his longtime friend Pat Benti, writing: “passed away peacefully.”

R.I.P. Big Ragu: It is with deep regret that we share with you the passing of our beloved Eddie Mekka . Eddie passed away peacefully in his Newhall, California home on Saturday, November 27, 2021. He was 69 years old. At this time, we do ask that all media inquiries be withheld during his family’s time of grief and mourning. We welcome you to share your memories of Eddie and your condolences to his family on his fan page. Rest In Peace Eddie. We had some fun, my BCM Alumni. Thank you for having our pic, as your profile pic. 

Witten by Pat Benti

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More about Eddie Mekka’s Career & Life

According to reviews about Blansky’s Beauties, the 1977 series was not a success; however, Eddie’s role on Laverne & Shirley from 1976 to 1983 led him to national recognition and his signature role for the first time in this career.

Starting to follow his big reputation, the talented actor appeared on other well-known 70s and 80s series such as Moonlighting, Family Matters, and The Love Boat.

Beaches (1989), A League of Their Own (1992), Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003), Dreamgirls (2006), and Hail Mary! (2018) are some good examples of his film credits.

Besides staring at movies and series, he got several guest roles on shows as well into the 21st Century as Children’s Hospital, The Young & The Restless, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

In one of his interviews, Eddie once said: “I’m glad I was trained in the theater because I think TV makes you lazy. You can always do another take in a film or on TV, while onstage you have to deliver 100 percent all the time.? I was acting for the back row, and [director] Gary Marshall told me to pull it back to Cleveland.”

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Reactions to Eddie Mekka’s Death:

Michael McKean tweeted: “A sad goodbye to Eddie Mekka this morning. A genuinely good guy and purveyor of cheer whenever things got cheerless. Value these people. RIP, Eddie.”

One expressed: “When I was 4, I met Eddie Mekka, aka Carmine, at a family friend’s home in Newhall, CA. I’ll never forget how kind he was to us and how he jumped up on the roof of a car to do a little dance for my friend and me. He even tried to teach us to tap dance!! RIP Carmine! #EddieMekka.”

Low Cut Connie replied: “When I was 12 years old, Eddie handed me a trophy for best actor at an acting competition at Bucks County Playhouse. He was starring in Little Shop of Horrors there. He was extremely encouraging and just a very sweet man. RIP Eddie.”

A fan wrote: “SAD FAREWELL Eddie Mekka was a lot of fun as Carmine, The Big Ragu, on TV’s Laverne and Shirley, but I really liked his dance bit (with Madonna) in A League of Their Own for his friend, director Penny Marshall. Word is just coming in that Eddie died Saturday at age 69. RIP.”

Craig Semon said: “Once called the most talented man to ever grace the Burncoat High’s variety show stage, #EddieMekka (born Rudolph Edward Mekjian) has died Mekka is best known for playing Carmine Ragusa, aka The Big Ragoo, on Laverne & Shirley He also danced with #Madonna in A League of Their Own.”

Another commented: “Not quite sure how else to say it: This sucks. He once told me that he was “made for the road.” Now that he’s off the road, here’s hoping he’s finding some peace. Take care, Eddie. #EddieMekka #RIP.”

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