Ej Osborne Death – Popular Woodworker Ej Osborne is Dead

Ej Osborne Death

Ej Osborne Death – Ethan James Osborne, English actor, woodworker and tv presenter. Best known for at “Money for Nothing” has passed away. Ej Osborne death was announced on September 22, 2020.

A beautiful human being has left this earth. EJ Osborne was a creator with a deeply spiritual insight in to the world. A supporter of all creatives including me. I hope he finds his place in the Pureland under the biggest oak tree.

EJ Osborne grew up in an Australian country town, he has over 2,3k followers on Instagram, 2,7k on Twitter, he studied Product & Furniture Design and work began to focus on heritage crafts and English woodland culture.

Does EJ have a wife?

In an interview with Katie Piper, EJ opened up on his relationship status.

EJ, 43, said: “I’ve got a house, I’m married, we’ve got a daughter.”

EJ and his wife have been together for a long time, he mentioned they got together in 2007 during the interview with Katie Piper. It wasn’t until EJ was almost 39 that he came out to his wife as trans.

Speaking of his wife, EJ said: “She’s a very open-minded person, she’s very lovely.”

EJ’s journey

After growing up in Australia, EJ got on a plane and went to Tokyo.

He said: “I removed myself from the trans-phobia, from the homophobia, from my family expectations, from my existing group of friends, I completely started again in a foreign country and a foreign city where I didn’t know anyone and couldn’t speak the language.”

The 43-year-old gave up his high-paying job and comfortable lifestyle for a new life in Tokyo and then Madrid, before settling in Brighton.

EJ explained how he really buried anything to do with being transgender for a long time. He said: “I got so used to denying myself.”

Is EJ from Money for Nothing transgender?

Yes. EJ from Money for Nothing identifies as a transgender man.

He was born a woman in Australia and grew up in a very homophobic town.

In an interview with Brighton Transformed, EJ said: “I grew up in a little isolated, Australian country town that was so deeply homophobic it was still illegal to be gay, when I was a teenager there, my teenage years.”

We mourn with the family of Ej Osborne for this great loss. Please received our heartfelt condolences.

For every start of a journey, there must be an end. His journey has sadly come to an end on earth.

Tributes to Ej Osborne

Friends, Family and loved ones are extremely sad and currently grieving as the news of his decease was made known.

Ej Osborne Cause of Death

Ej Osborne cause of death has never been made public. We will surely update this news as soon as we are able to get more information regarding his death.

Ej Osborne Obituary | Funeral Arrangement | GoFundMe page

The family are yet to make public the obituary and funeral arrangements. We also not aware if any GoFundMe was created by the family or friends of the deceased at the time of this publication.

This post will be updated with more information as they are made available and public.

It is with incredible sadness and heavy hearts that we announce that our friend and colleague has passed away. Celebrate his life, leave a kind word for him. Friends, Family and Loved ones has poured out their grieve and condolence to honor the passing away of the deceased.