Elizabeth Grace Johnson Accused of Stabbing Draven Upchurch

Elizabeth Grace Johnson Accused of Stabbing Draven Upchurch


Elizabeth Grace Johnson is a Southeastern Louisiana University student who stands accused of stabbing a Louisiana State University student multiple times.

The victim was identified as Draven Upchurch, who survived his wounds. Johnson, 18, of Folsom, was arrested. The community has come together to contribute to blood drives to help Upchurch recover from his injuries.

Meanwhile, Johnson was accused of aggravated battery. The motive is not clear. She was released on bond.

Here’s what you need to know:

Upchurch, Johnson’s ‘Dating Partner,’ Was Stabbed ‘Multiple Times’ in a Southeastern Louisiana University Dorm

draven upchurch

FacebookDraven Upchurch

The Southeastern University Police Department told the Advocate that Johnson was accused of stabbing the LSU student “multiple times” in a university dorm.

The PD told the news site that officers responded to a “reported disturbance” on the third floor of the dorms.

According to the Advocate, police said that Upchurch was Johnson’s “dating partner.” Heavy.com has reached out to the police for further details and reports. WBRZ-TV reported that the stabbing occurred at in Louisiana Hall about 3:30 a.m., Saturday, April 3.

WAFB-TV reported that Johnson’s demeanor was described in a police report as “worried.”

Upchurch’s Mother Gave Updates on Her Business Facebook Page Saying the Stabbing ‘Almost Took His Life’

draven upchurch

FacebookDraven Upchurch

On his Facebook page, Upchurch says he went to Fontainebleau High School and “studies at LSU.”

He also wrote that he was “in a relationship.” In 2015, he worked at a golf and country club. His most recent visible post is on football.

His mother, Angie D. Autin-Fasullo, has been giving updates on his condition on her business Facebook page, Honey’s Snoball Shack of Abita, of Abita Springs, Louisiana.

“This is my son Draven. He was involved in an incident this morning that almost took him life. He had to be given large amounts of blood,” she wrote.

“He is stable but still in critical condition. I am asking for lots of prayers and if anyone is able or willing to please donate blood in his name. He will still be requiring 3 to 4 more surgeries and even may need more units of blood. Thank you in advance for prayers and any assistance offered!! Love everyone! Life is too precious to hate!! Hug your family and friends. Tell them you love them often!! I love you all!!”

On April 7, her most recent update, she wrote, “Surgery went amazing!! Abdomen is completely closed!! He is off the ventilator!!! And now he is off the CPap!! Oxygen tube only!!! He is already making people smile and laugh with his comments!!! Draven was complaining cause he said “I have an exam” and then his dad said ‘is that exam deep breathing?’”

Upchurch’s Mother Wrote That He Was Stabbed 8 Times

On April 5, Upchurch’s wrote in part, “I am ready to bring everyone out of the dark on Draven’s incident. I refuse to use the word accident because what happened was not an accident. Sometime in the early morning of Saturday, April 3, 2021, Draven was stabbed multiple times (8) in a residential area in Hammond.”

She wrote: “Five making contact with vital organs: lungs, stomach and colon. Yes he is well acquainted with the person responsible and yes that individual was arrested. He was found unresponsive and life saving procedures were started on scene. He was transported to the trauma center in Hammond. The intake surgery lasted 4+ hours. During this time all of his blood, and then some, was put back into his body, 3 small portions of one of his lungs was removed, his stomach was repaired, and a small section of his colon removed.”

Her son almost died. “Draven coded twice. His heart was held in the most amazing surgeon’s hand and massaged back to life along with internal shocking. He was in critical condition when his father and I arrived and remained so even after surgery was complete. His chest and abdomen were left open and wound vacced,” she wrote.

She described his condition in greater detail and asked people to pray for her son and to help with a blood drive, including one on LSU’s campus.

Johnson Won’t Be Allowed Back on Campus, at Least for Now

In a statement posted to Facebook, Southeastern Louisiana University wrote,

“The Southeastern student who has been charged with aggravated battery for stabbing, in an isolated incident, was arrested and the criminal justice process is ongoing. This incident currently remains under investigation, and the student will go through the proper university disciplinary process as well as the criminal justice system process.”

The statement continued, “The university process may result in disciplinary measures up to and including expulsion, but that is not yet complete. While the incident remains under investigation, the student has been placed on interim suspension from the University, which bars access to campus and class pending disciplinary resolution. Southeastern can not release any further information at this time.”