Eric Lee Franks Missing Update – Have You Found Eric Lee Franks?

Eric Lee Franks Missing Update – Have You Found Eric Franks: We’d so love to see this family get answers. They’ve waited so long and searched so hard.💔😭 Our thoughts and prayers are always with them.🙏🙏 For those not familiar with this case, Eric vanished on 3/21/11, and his car was located 9 years later.

SAGINAW COUNTY, Mich. (WJRT) – New details in the investigation of a baffling missing person case in mid-Michigan as the search for Eric Franks continues.

It was nearly a year ago when a big part of that mystery was discovered.

Franks’ car was found, which vanished with him ten years ago.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, his family received a lot of documents and pictures associated with the Michigan State Police investigation, which included new information on what was found in Eric’s car.

“Knowing that, all these years, that car was sitting right in that garage, that always brings emotion to me,” says Franks’ brother-in-law Chad Baus.

It was last September when Eric Franks’ car was found in Clare, after it was sold in an estate sale following the death of an incapacitated adult who lived in a west side Saginaw home.

The car apparently had been hidden in the garage at the home for several years after Franks disappeared in March of 2011. The Michigan State Police conducted a forensic search of the car, and did find a small amount of blood on the driver’s seat.

Testing indicated it was most likely Eric’s blood, which disappointed his brother-in-law.

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