Eric Tindall Car Accident – Eric Tindall Death Dead: Eric Tindall Obituary

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Eric Tindall Car Accident – Eric Tindall Death Dead: Eric Tindall Obituary

Eric Tindall was involved in a tragic car accident on 06/24/20 on the way to work (Mando) in Hogansville. He has a Fiancé (Lindsey) seen in the photo and 2 children. He wrecked in Harris County near Pleasant Valley road approximately 6:30-7am yesterday morning. Lindsey said Eric got up in his work clothes and kissed her and the boys goodbye like he does every single morning and headed off to work. Lindsey also went to work and by lunch time she had not heard from Eric all day and his phone was going straight to voicemail. She returned to work after lunch even though something was odd about that. She got off work and headed to pick their boys up from daycare. She began to worry when he didn’t come home from work. She started calling his work, no answer. She reached out to one of his co workers on social media and he told her that Eric never made it to work. He was a “no call, no show” which is unlike Eric. This was after 6pm when we this news. We really began to worry. We called every hospital, jail, and police department in his route to work. No answers. By 9 me, Lindsey, and best friend TIffany were driving his route to work looking for anything we could to find Eric and the car. We got the Harris county police to follow us. It was storming and raining very heavy. Me and Lindsey went back home to the kids. The police called Lindsey around 2am and told her they had found him In the car and we was ALIVE. Eric was conscious almost the entire day, stuck upside down, in the vehicle for almost 24 hours unable to move. He was immediately transported to midtown piedmont in columbus Georgia. The Doctors confirmed he had severe spinal injuries. He is currently under going spinal surgery. His medical bills and physical therapy I’m sure will get expensive. If there is any amount you can donate please help me sweet family ❤️

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