ESPN Analyst Slams The Challenge’s Fessy: ‘Zero Respect’

Double Agents Final Challenge Filmed in ‘Worst Weather Ever’


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The Challenge franchise has really grown over the past years, with some even calling it America’s fifth sport, and that was more apparent than ever as the show was briefly mentioned on ESPN recently. ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky has been vocal about the show before and he recently slammed Fessy Shafaat on-air and in a series of tweets after the Big Brother star’s performance in the final.

In the video, he says Fessy isn’t a good partner simply because he beat Kyle Christie in a hall brawl. “Fessy is a layup,” he says, “he’s still a bad teammate.” Below is the video showing Orlovsky bringing up Fessy’s performance on ESPN:

Fessy hasn’t responded to the comments at this time but Kyle addressed the video on his Instagram and wrote, “Getting called out on live on @espn is a first…WHO THE F*** IS THAT GUY? Genuinely have no idea. had to Google what ‘Layup’ means as well…Americans. Still love you all.” He also shared his own humorous take on the video:

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Orlovsky Tweeted About Fessy’s Performance in the Final After Kaycee Suffered a Knee Injury

Orlovsky also tweeted about the two-part final and specifically Fessy’s performance after his partner Kaycee Clark picked up a major knee injury. Viewers could see Kaycee hobbling to the eating checkpoint and attempting to power through it while Fessy struggled to get the motivation to continue.

On April 20, after the first half of the final challenge had aired, Orlovsky tweeted, “Finally caught up on @ChallengeMTV and the fact Kaycee on one leg had to beg Fessy soft Fessy to eat while she’s gonna die trying is the softest thing I ever watched in the series. What a joke—your partner is killing herself for you and you quit?!?!?!?!?”

After the second half of the final aired, he followed up his first comment and added, “Yo did Fessy really just utter the words ‘my season ends because my partner blows out [her] knee’????? 0 respect for him for finger pointing when Kaycee NEVER QUIT while he sat on a rock man…” He also added a GIF of Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper, “softness you can see.”

This Isn’t the 1st Time That Orlovsky Commented on ‘The Challenge’ on ESPN

Orlovsky has previously slammed performances on The Challenge: Double Agents, on Twitter and on-air with ESPN, with one of these moments coming earlier this season after the daily challenge involving contestants battling it out on a cargo net swinging from a helicopter above the frigid Icelandic water. The competitors had to wrestle off their opponents and be the last person left on the net to win.

The mission had a lot of potential for big matchups but fans were disappointed to see that only the two women’s heats competed while the two male heats did not compete and just hung on until they were timed out, with the exception of Jay Starrett and Leroy Garrett. Orlovsky tweeted, “Man all the dudes on @ChallengeMTV soft as heck on tonight challenges….weak weak weak weak weak.”

He also called out the performances on NFL Live and said, “You can’t be like the dudes on MTV’s The Challenge last night that decided to just not show up and compete.”

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