Evan Snider Car Accident | Thoughts and Prayer for Evan Snider

Barbara Alexander Car Accident

Evan Snider Car Accident | Evan Snider was involved in a Car Accident, according to a post on Facebook, it was revealed that he had a brain injury.

Please everybody pray that Evan Snider is healed. His father Mark is a childhood friend of mine and my younger brother. Evan was in a terrible car accident Wednesday night.

He has a brain injury and we all need to lift prayers up for him and the Snider family!! You can keep up with him at Evan Snider Updates here on Facebook. There is a go fund me account set up as well. We pray that Evan is healed in the name of Jesus!!!🙏🏻

Evan was placed on Pentobarbital this morning to lower his Cranial pressure. Anything over 20 is considered severely critical and Evans pressure was hovering 28-30 with spikes 50-60. His reading currently is 13-14 due to the medically induced coma from Pentobarbital.

He has had little to no pupil movement and they have been watching that and have decided that it is due to the coma. He has begun to swell a bit due to all the trauma done to the rest of his body.

The plan is to try to bring him out of the coma in 38-72 hours and see how he responds. How he responds will determine next measures and options.

He needs prayer. He needs HOLY SPIRIT to rest on and in his body and heal him.
We are praying as if GOD has already healed him and restored him to his awesome, sweet self to move on with his life and make much of the LORD Jesus.

Please pray for the next 48 hours that Evan will show signs of reduced swelling and will be able to begin Movement exams.
We ask that ALL who will….to pray.

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