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Evangelist Morris Cerullo Cause of Death – Morris Cerullo was an American pentecostal evangelist. He traveled extensively around the world for his ministry. He died on July 10, 2020.

About Evangelist Morris Cerullo:

Morris Cerullo was born in Passaic, New Jersey, to a Russo-Jewish/Italian family. His parents died in an automobile accident when he was very young. He was raised in various orphanages, the last being an Orthodox Jewish orphanage in nearby Clifton, New Jersey.

He converted to Christianity at age 14 with the guidance of a nurse in the Clifton, New Jersey, orphanage. Soon after, Jewish orphanage directors restricted him from practicing certain matters of his new faith, so he ran away from the orphanage. He began preaching the gospel at the age of 16, after claiming to have seen a vision from God, in which he witnessed people suffering torments in Hell.

He attended and graduated from divinity school in New York state in 1953, and began ministering with the help of his then soon-to-be bride, Theresa. In the early 1950s, he was ordained in the Assemblies of God.


Our Father, Dr Morris Cerullo is gone to join the great cloud of witnesses after having fought a good fight and having run his course.
Let’s thank God for a great life and pray for his family at this time.

Tributes to Evangelist Morris Cerullo:

Respected Dr Morris cerullo I have great burden for my nation India, and I want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to every man of India. Please pray for me so that Our God gave me young leaders to share the gospel with me in whole India and 2nd pray for funds . Thank you so muc

Many Christians in the Church are holding onto idols in their
hearts. Many have placed their families, careers, and pursuit of
worldly pleasures first place in their lives, instead of the Lord and
their worship of Him. These things have become their idols.

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  1. I started attending Morris Cerullo World Evangelism meetings when I was a kid. I later worked for the ministry at their headquarters in San Diego and still do contract work for them to this day. I am surprised at this news because Brother Cerullo was such a force to be reckoned with that it seemed as if he would remain on earth and work in the harvest field until time itself ceased to exist. This man changed innumerable lives, including mine. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, the staff at MCWE, his many friends, and his Partners and Nationals around the world. It is a sad day for us, but there is great rejoicing in heaven. He used to always say, “If I die, don’t you DARE bring me back to life!” I am reminded of an old chorus: There’s going to be a meeting in the air, in the sweet, sweet by-and-by! And, oh, I want to meet you over there in that land beyond the sky! Such singing you will hear, never heard by mortal ear, ’twill be glorious, I do declare! For God’s own Son will be the leading One in that meeting in the air!!! Brother Cerullo, five-star general in the faith, we will you see you soon! We love you so much! Thank you and your family for all of your personal sacrifices, your whole lives, that you made so that the mysteries of heaven could be given to the rest of us! Amen.

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