EXCLUSIVE: Catching Up With Summer House’s Amanda Batula


Amanda Batula

The “Summer House” cameras may be taking a spring break, but the “Summer House” crew sure isn’t. Amanda Batula recently chatted with Heavy about how she has been keeping busy with various projects including the infamous Loverboy drinks and her new partnership with Skintimate.

Batula recently teamed up with the shave prep company to get the pregame party re-started. With many states easing up on COVID restrictions, Batula wants to help ladies remember the joy and fun of getting ready before a social night. She and Skintimate have created four experiences with custom shower cocktail recipes, Spotify playlists, and go-to beauty essentials.

“I love getting ready, and I think the best part of going out is that getting ready experience and using Skintimate gives me that sense of refresh in the shower,” she told Heavy. “The best part about going out is getting ready to go out!” Batula even learned how to shave using Skintimate with her mom. Batula shared some creative cocktails for the partnership, which can be found at the bottom.

Batula Opened up About ‘Summer House’ Reunion Nerves

The “Summer House” season is officially over and concluded with the first in-person, two-part reunion. The cast members didn’t hold back and also attempted to move forward in their friendships. “It was nerve-wracking,” Batula told Heavy about her first in-person reunion.

“I was anxious,” she added. “I feel like I was getting in random arguments with Kyle for absolutely no reason, just because I was so anxious about what I was going to wear, what my hair and makeup was going to look like, what was going to go down, because you never know what people are going to pull out of the woodwork, like wait wait wait we’re fighting, you’re mad at me now?”

Batula continued saying, “The whole time I was anxious and I don’t know if there was actually A.C. blowing on me or if my nerves were so bad, but I was freezing. The whole time I was just like clenched constantly, but I think one of the best things about the reunion is how I feel like little gets cut out of it…it’s kind of like this is actually what was said, you can’t be like no that’s not how it went down, because that’s actually how it goes down.”

She jokingly added, “I feel like Bravo brought the receipts.”

Batula Revealed How Last Summer Was Different Than Her Other Summers

As many “Summer House” fans know, this season was different than any other season. Normally, the crew works and lives in New York City during the week and then travels to a home in the Hamptons for the weekend. But due to the pandemic, the squad spent six weeks straight in a home together both living and working together.

“My biggest fear going into it was not having any alone time like time to decompress and be by myself,” Batula shared with Heavy. “I think one of the biggest changes was you’re never really able to escape your problems in that house, where previously maybe you kept your mouth shut on Sunday and then you drove back to the city maybe you vented to your friends and then you’re back out there like nothing is wrong, but this time [you had to have those confrontations].”

No matter what, Batula explained that she’s happy how the summer went and that she’s been able to be more herself every time. “I feel like I’ve been me every single summer,” she told Heavy. “I feel like the me that people are seeing this summer is the one that all my friends know and the one that people would describe you … but I acted like myself and maybe I was just happier [last summer].”

She added, “Even if you mess up and do things you regret, you’re able to learn and grow from that.”

Batula’s Cocktail Recipes & Playlists Are Below


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