Fabricio Werdum Knocked Out After Referee’s Error [WATCH]


Fabricio Werdum suffered a controversial loss.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum was thought to be one of the favorites among the PFL’s deep field of heavyweight MMA star this season, and the 43-year-old Brazilian legend appeared to be on his way to showcasing that against Renan Ferreira in the main event of PFL 3 at Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Both Werdum and his 31-year-old opponent hurled themselves into each other with simultaneous sidekicks to start their fight on Thursday night, but Werdum ended up taking his 6-foot-8 opponent down to the mat at the end of that violent exchange.

There, Werdum’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills seemed to be winning him the match when his opponent tapped out after getting trapped in a vicious triangle.

“He tapped…I stopped because he tapped,” Werdum said during the post-fight interview on ESPN.

The problem? The referee didn’t see Ferreira tap out, so once Werdum let loose of the hold a little bit, his opponent used the newfound oxygen available in his lungs, as well as his tremendously long reach, to smash Werdum into oblivion for the shocking stoppage victory.

You can see the tap for yourself below.

Despite the tap, the fight wasn’t stopped there. Instead, it continued and Ferreira parlayed the missed call into the upset victory.

You can see the finish below.

After the fight was over, Werdum admitted he let go of the hold because he felt his opponent tap. He said it’s what he’s trained to do for 23 years and he had no other choice but to stop squeezing the hold.

“In my mind, the fight was over because he tapped,” Werdum said.

Calling the action live at cageside, both former UFC champion Randy Couture and former UFC welterweight contender Kenny Florian concluded the ultimate fault belongs with Werdum and not the referee.

Speaking to their PFL cohort Sean O’Connell on ESPN, both stars said they believe all fighters should continue to fight 100% no matter what happens until the referee stops the action.

Werdum didn’t do that, and he paid dearly for it. He’s not 0-1 in the PFL and in danger of missing the 2021 play-offs.

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