False: Eddie Cloehr Death – Shot Dead by Texas Cop is not True

Dustin Diamond Death

Eddie Cloehr Death – Eddie Cloehr, Our beloved brother, father of Noah Cloehr, a driver at ups has become a subject of death hoax.

However, I am happy to announce that Eddie Cloehr is very much alive but still in the hospital. According to a source that says, “I am seeing a lot false post on Facebook about Eddie cloehr who allegedly has passed away from being shot by the Texas fugitive who shot the Whitfield county cop Sunday. This is not true he is stable condition at Erlanger the nurse just came outside and confirmed. But please say a prayer for him and his family especially his son Noah cloehr.

Noah is a driver at ups and if anyone knows anything about UPS we are a family and when one of our brothers or sisters hurts we all hurt! Hold on to you’re family tight and keep you’re self protected and pray justice is brought to all the innocent people he has affected the past fees days.”

We are able to confirm that he is still Alive.