Famous Televangelist Marcus Lamb Passed Away Due to COVID

Famous Televangelist Marcus Lamb Passed Away Due to COVID

Many are paying tribute on social media since the founder of Daystar Television Network, Marcus Lamb, passed away on Tuesday (November 30, 2021) at the age of 64. May he rest in peace.

The heartbreaking news was confirmed in a statement released by the official Facebook page of Daystar, introduced as a global television network that exists to take the Good News of Jesus Christ around the globe.

The statement read, “It’s with a heavy heart we announce that Marcus Lamb, president and founder of Daystar Television Network, went home to be with the Lord this morning. The family asks that their privacy be respected as they grieve this difficult loss. Please continue to lift them up in prayer.”

Marcus Lamb had been hospitalized for COVID-19 after his oxygen levels dropped. He tried alternative treatments but was not able to recover.

On October 7, 1957, Marcus was born in Cordele, Georgia, and soon became an American television evangelist, prosperity theology, pastor, and Christian broadcaster.

The estimated value of the network of Marcus Lamb, who was the co-founder, president, and CEO of Venus TV Network, the second-largest Christian TV network in the world, is about 230 million U.S. dollars.

The pastor grew up in the Church of God in East Macon. At the age of five, he became a Christian and resumed participating in church’s plans and serving as he grew older.

He kicked off preaching as a preacher at the age of fifteen. After graduating from high school, he attended Lee University, a Christian university in Cleveland, Tennessee, at the age of 16; he graduated at 19.

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COVID Caused Anti Vaxx Marcus Lamb Passed Away!

Marcus was recently in the ICU with new coronary pneumonia; it was so dramatic as Marcus is responsible for disseminating more anti-vaxx and disinformation that promotes alternative treatment to more people, not anyone.

He actually claimed that he and his wife Jonny had been taking ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and vitamins and minerals as defensive measures. Clearly, it didn’t work for him. Marcus and Joni own the Daystar TV network, the second-largest Christian network in the world after CBN.

Many are paying tribute on social media since the founder of Daystar Television Network Marcus Lamb passed away
Our hearts are saddened in the passing of a pillar in the Body of Christ, Marcus Lamb. May God comfort his family, @daystar, and the Body of Christ during this time.
Please pray for the family and loved ones of Marcus Lamb, who passed away. As always, please also pray for anyone in and around the situation who does not yet know the Lord. A moment of prayer can change eternity.

Throughout the pandemic, they have been presiding over and promoting the world’s most notorious anti-vaccineists, many of whom are members of the despicable American frontline doctors who are being investigated by Congress for fraud and dissemination of misinformation.

Four years after graduation, he tied the knot with Joni Trammell of Greenville, South Carolina. They spent the early days of their marriage as traveling preachers, and they visited churches in the southeast to teach the gospel. Marcus was elected as bishop of the Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee.

In 1980, the same year Marcus met his wife, Joanne, he founded the God’s Word Fellowship, eventually establishing the Venus TV Network. In 1984, Lamb relocated to Montgomery, Alabama, and began WMCF-TV.

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US Day News thoughts and prayers are with Marcus Lamb’s family, friends, fans, and all of his loved ones on these tough days. You can also leave a condolence message below the comment box to honor him; Fans widely ask, “what exactly happened to him?” So if you have any related information about his passing, please share it with us.

This is the first full-power Christian station in the state. In 1990, Lamb sold the radio to Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and went to Dallas, Texas. Lamb founded Venus Network seven years later.

So Mixed Reactions to Controversial Death of Marcus Lamb

Famous figures death news always breaks many hearts; however, fans kindly remember memories, and their idols are alive in their hearts even after death.

Quickly after the tragic news was released, many beloved Marcus’ friends, fans, and teammates expressed their sadness on social media by posting their tributes. 

Right Wing Watch announced, “Right-wing televangelist Marcus Lamb, who used his Daystar Television Network to run dozens of programs spreading disinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines, is reportedly severely ill with COVID.”

Someone wrote, “Don’t be like Marcus Lamb. Get vaccinated. Jesus was all about healing the sick – vaccine is what we have. Modern science is a gift from God. Don’t wait until you’re in the hospital when it’s too late.”

Another said, “Lord, we thank you for the life of Marcus Lamb & what he did to honor You & spread Your Gospel. We are deeply saddened to hear this news but know he is in the presence of the Lord & in the great cloud of witnesses. We continue to pray for Joni, their children & their grandchildren.”

Many are paying tribute on social media since the founder of Daystar Television Network Marcus Lamb passed away
Image source: Twitter

Also, a user said, “oh well… “Marcus Lamb, anti-COVID vaccine Christian broadcaster, dies at 64. Lamb had hosted a series of vaccine skeptics on his television program and claimed that the truth about COVID-19 was being censored.”

A fan wrote, “Aww, I just heard Marcus Lamb died. He created the Daystar tv broadcast station. My prayers go out for his family. I may not have agreed with him 100% theologically but the man did reach alot of people with the gospel.” Another added, “One of my favorite things he ever said was, “Never close the book of your life, God hasn’t finished writing your story.” Bishop Lamb, your story is now finished. You now get to see your Lamb face to face. Enjoy his presence forever.”

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