Fans Find Cryptic Meaning in Kristina Shirley’s IG Post

Fans Find Cryptic Meaning in Kristina Shirley’s IG Post


“Teen Mom OG” star Kristina Shirley is known for taking the high road, but some fans accused Gary Shirley’s wife of throwing shade at his ex-girlfriend, Amber Portwood.

Teen Mom OG star Kristina Shirley is known for taking the high road, but some fans accused Gary Shirley’s wife of throwing shade at his ex-girlfriend Amber Portwood. The trio has been embroiled in a bitter feud, with Amber accusing Kristina and Gary of being “two-faced liars.”

It all boils down to Amber’s strained relationship with 12-year-old daughter Leah. The preteen told Amber she didn’t want to see her anymore after Amber failed to follow through on some of her promises. Now Amber had laid some of that blame at Kristina and Gary’s feet, with the Teen Mom OG dad feeling stuck in the middle. Although Amber has accused Kristina of being “absolutely horrible,” the 33-year-old has not publicly dissed her husband’s ex but some fans suspected Kristina’s latest Instagram post was a little suspicious.

Gary’s wife, who is studying to be a nurse, posted a picture with her youngest daughter, Emilee. “I found myself a little study buddy! Most of my evenings are spent studying and she is right by my side,” Kristina wrote on April 16. “She makes me the sweetest notes for my folder too. I wouldn’t trade this for the world.”

She also shared a note from Emilee, which reads: “You are the best mom. I [heart] you.”

The comment section under the post was flooded with praise from her followers, with most people congratulating Kristina on being an “awesome” and “amazing” mother.

Kristina responded:

Thank you all for your support & kind words. I couldn’t be any happier. I attend 5 days a week with an accelerated program. I will graduate [at] the end of September with a diploma in MA ( Medical Assisting ) and will continue towards my RN while working in the medical field.

Kristina Was Accused of ‘Throwing Shade’ at Amber

Even though Kristina was posing for the photo with her biological daughter, some people assumed the IG post was a dig at Amber as she struggles to maintain her relationship with Leah.

“Kristina throwing shade at Amber! 🤣 I’m here for it,” the original poster wrote on Reddit.

The reviews from people in the subreddit were mixed. While some people agreed that Kristina was taking a jab at her foe, others just thought Kristina was showing appreciation for her youngest daughter.

Gary Is Still Pushing for Leah and Amber to Have a Relationship

While Leah doesn’t seem interested in connecting with her mother right now, Gary is still fighting for their bond. He told his own mother Carol Zizak that Amber is an important person for Leah to have in her life during the season finale of Teen Mom OG.

“It’s a very hard situation that I’m going through right now,” Gary told Carol over lunch. “Amber and I co-parent a beautiful young kid. We had Leah’s birthday party and afterward Leah was a little upset that she didn’t come so Leah wants time for herself and space.”

“Then Amber got upset with us thinking it was something that we were doing or saying so it’s been an ongoing thing,” he added. “But she needs her mom even though she might not know it or think it.”

Carol reminded Gary that Amber has hurt Leah many times over the past and that she’s surprised it’s taken this long for Leah to “explode.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss the season nine reunion of Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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