Fatal Accident on I-55 Today – Fatal Accident on I-55 Illinois Today

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Fatal Accident on I-55 Illinois Today – Multiple vehicles including an Illinois State Police SUV were involved in a crash on Interstate 55 outside Plainfield Wednesday evening.

According to the Illinois State Police, a “multiple traffic crash with injuries” closed all lanes on northbound I-55 near Route 30 around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, causing delays of more than an hour. Police have not yet shared the condition of people injured in the crash.

Images from Skycam9 appear to show an Illinois State Police vehicle and possibly one other state-owned vehicle were involved in the crash, although that has not yet been confirmed by state officials.

Vehicles were allowed to pass using one open lane of traffic, but northbound lanes in the area remain closed as traffic is being diverted at Route 52.