Fessy Shafaat Blasts Gabby Allen’s Boyfriend: ‘Half a Man’

Fessy Shafaat Blasts Gabby Allen’s Boyfriend: ‘Half a Man’


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The first part of the two-part The Challenge: Double Agents reunion aired on Wednesday, April 28, and it saw Fessy Shafaat get grilled about several aspects of his sophomore Challenge season. He was asked about his attraction to both Tori Deal and Gabby Allen but his response to the hookup with Gabby raised a lot of eyebrows.

During Double Agents, things heated up between Gabby and Fessy and the two were seen hooking up in the house, with Fessy then saying in his confessional that Gabby has “soft lips.” After she was eliminated, the British reality star told Fessy she’d see him after the show and it was also revealed on The Challenge Aftermath that Fessy had left Gabby a romantic note.

At the reunion, host Vernon Davis asked Fessy and Gabby what happened after Double Agents filming ended and whether the two connected in person.

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Fessy Fired a Shot at Gabby’s Boyfriend While Addressing What Happened After the Show

In response to Vernon Davis asking Fessy whether the two hooked up after the show, the Big Brother alum said, “No, we didn’t,” as Gabby joked that they didn’t because he went on vacation with Tori. “We never linked up,” Fessy explained. “The only thing I did was I called her when I got my phone back, said ‘hey, how you doing’ and that was really the only contact we had.”

Gabby also added that they don’t live in the same country and didn’t really speak much about things in the Challenge house so it was never going to be a major new relationship. After Vernon answered, “You could still give it a try,” Aneesa Ferreira revealed that Gabby isn’t single: “She has a whole man.”

“Well he’s not a whole man, he’s like a half a man,” Fessy said, eliciting shock from his costars at his comment. As Vernon pressed him to clarify why he was “taking shots” at Gabby’s boyfriend, U.K. reality TV star and model Brandon Myers, Fessy backtracked and said, “I never said that.” He then added, “Ok, well he’s f****** short and s***.”

Gabby then stepped in and said, “Fessy compared to anyone is half a man. Nobody knows my boyfriend there, and whatever people have to say about him, he’s not half a man, he’s a f****** epic person and that’s why I’m choosing to be with him now.”

Gabby and Brandon Have Been Dating Since Around the Same Time ‘Double Agents’ Filmed

Although Double Agents did not show it, Gabby began seeing Brandon before filming began for the MTV show. It’s unclear how serious the two were at the time of filming in late August but they had started posting romantic photos of each other on August 9, earlier in the month. Gabby and the Ex on the Beach U.K. reality star met earlier in 2020 and their relationship developed throughout the year.

After Gabby was eliminated from the show, it appears as though her relationship with Brandon blossomed and became more serious as they moved to Dubai together during COVID-19 lockdowns in the U.K. and recently vacationed together in the Maldives. According to his Instagram, Brandon is a model, the director of the luxury holiday company Inside Lifestyle and the owner of the clothing brand UNLVD.

The second part of the reunion of The Challenge: Double Agents will air on Wednesday, May 5, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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