Former Man United star aims dig at Ed Woodward and names his preferred replacement


Former Manchester United midfielder Luke Chadwick has aimed a dig at departing chairman Ed Woodward as he calls for Edwin van der Sar to replace him as the main man in charge of transfers at Old Trafford.

The Red Devils could do with a change at the top after a difficult period in the post-Sir Alex Ferguson era, with Woodward taking on much of the responsibility in the day-to-day running of the club since 2013.

In that time, Man Utd have been through a string of questionable managerial appointments, whilst also spending huge money in the transfer market without much success to show for it.

Chadwick says it’s not really good enough for United, even if he admits he’s not qualified to judge Woodward on how good he might be at other aspects of the job.

Speaking to CaughtOffside after a crazy week for United and other clubs, Chadwick discussed Woodward’s role and his potential replacement in the wake of his decision to step down after the failed European Super League project.

“It was a strange few days … it was probably the shortest-lived league of all time, lasting just two days,” Chadwick said.

“It was good to see that the powers are not just with the multi-millionaire owners of football clubs. The fans spoke and the media spoke and fortunately it came to nothing. More European-style football playing week in, week out, takes the novelty off it.

Ed Woodward has been unpopular as chairman of Manchester United

“It’s disappointing from a Man United point of view – and I’m sure the other clubs too – the way it came about. No one really knew about it but the powers-that-be at the top of the club. It sounded seedy and secretive and when the news broke it caused a lot of negative reaction.

“Thankfully it’s over now, but the main thing to come out of it is that the everyday football fan has got a voice, which you thought might be gone in this day and age.”

On Woodward’s role in it and his departure, Chadwick said: “All we can do is judge based on what’s happened on the football pitch. He’s the man in power and since Sir Alex Ferguson’s left the success hasn’t really been at the football club.

“I’m sure the fans will be pleased, he’s been a much-criticised member of the board. I’m sure the majority of fans would be pleased with a new start.

“I couldn’t comment if he’s done a good job or a bad job in terms of money and sponsorships, but what I do know is Man United is not where you’d want them to be on the pitch in terms of winning trophies year in, year out.

“Of the names that have been mentioned I think Edwin van der Sar (would be ideal to replace Woodward). He was a wonderful servant to the football club, and seeing the job he’s done at Ajax, he’s done really well. Maybe him coming in at Man United would help us bring in the signings we need and hopefully put is in a position to challenge next season.”

Chadwick also suggested it might be time for the unpopular Glazers to sell MUFC as well, as he seems to share the frustration of the club’s fans, who have been protesting against them since the whole Super League debacle.

“I’m no expert, but the reports that you read, with the amount they’ve put into the club in comparison to what they’ve taken out of the club, maybe it might be time for a clean break,” Chadwick said.

“That’s obviously their decision, they’re the owners of the club. It caused massive controversy when they came in, it maybe did take away from the whole history that Manchester United have had over the years.

“I know a lot of the fan-base has been disappointed when the takeover happened and this latest saga with the Super League … it’s an interesting time, and if they were to sell the club maybe it would be the best for everyone. It could be a clean break and maybe the club can start building towards the future again.”