Former ‘Voice’ Judge Accused of Using Fake Money at a Strip Club

Former ‘Voice’ Judge Accused of Using Fake Money at a Strip Club



Usher, who coached seasons 4 and 6 of The Voice, has been accused of allegedly using “fake money with his own name and face on it at a strip club,” according to Page Six. USA Today, however, has since clarified the situation and confirmed that the claim is false.

According to the outlet, who interviewed Sapphire’s director of marketing, Greg Wilson, “Usher was a true gentleman and a great guest at the club.” Wilson said that the “confusion started when someone from Usher’s team left fake money with the singer’s face on it at the club to promote his upcoming Vegas residency.”

Wilson added that Usher “left a generous tip for the staff.”

Twitter, however, is a whole other story.

Here’s what you need to know:

Users Got Heated On Social Media

On Monday, a woman’s post went viral in which the social media user said that Usher tipped women with fake money.

The user wrote, “Posted this on my private page and @theshaderoom got ahold of it, so i had to post on my public account.”

The photo itself reads, “& the money does not have a trade-in value whatsoever! LMAO don’t y’all think he should be blasted on social media for this shit.”

Twitter users then began to comment on the post, with one writing, “Usher throwing fake money at a strip club? To hard working women?” per USA Today.

Another user wrote, “Usher is throwing money with his face on it in the club. He is a psychopath lol.”

TMZ has since called the whole ordeal a “big ol’ misunderstanding.”

The outlet specified, “We’re told Usher and co. ended up spending thousands on the dancers (REAL thousands, mind you) and also enjoyed bottle service … which he definitely didn’t cover with these Usher bucks. It goes without saying … Sapphire tells us they’d love to host him again, anytime.”

Usher on ‘The Voice’

Usher joined Season four of the show and returned again for Season six. According to Insider, Usher coached the season-four runner-up, Michelle Chamuel, and when he returned for the sixth season, he coached winner Josh Kaufman.

After that, Gwen Stefani stepped in and went on to coach Seasons nine, 12, 17, and 19. To date, Stefani has only won with contestant Carter Rubin.

This season on The Voice, we’re well into Battle Rounds. On Monday night, John Legend’s singers, Deion Warren and Victor Solomon, covered the song “U Got It Bad.”

After the performance, Legend couldn’t form any words but, “So good.” Nick Jonas remarked, “You’re both unbelievable. Your vocals are top notch. Each time one of you rose up and did something that was spectacular, the other found a way to come in and do something special as well.”

Jonas, for one, couldn’t decide, and Legend ended up going with Victor. He said, “My god, you went beyond exceeding my expectations. It was a fantastic performance. It made me feel proud because you were so entertaining.”

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