Fortnite Crew Bonus Might Reveal Next Exclusive Skin

Epic Games

Every week in May has given Fortnite Crew subscribers an added bonus to their membership.

No, Epic isn’t giving out an extra cosmetic to members, but instead subscribers are being treated to a bunch of additional loading screens that could potentially be teasing the June skin.

Nothing has been revealed as of yet, but it’s become clear through the loading screens that Cuddle Team Leader appears to be playing a big role in the coming storyline.

The Fortnite Crew storylines have largely remained separate from whatever is going on in the season, so don’t expect Cuddle Team Leader to appear in any cutscenes or things like that.

Instead, you can expect something similar to the Drift storyline that led to a new Crew skin.

New Cuddle Team Leader Skin

Cuddle Team Leader is a skin that’s been around since the early days of Fortnite. It started off as a simple pink bear, but there have since been variants for Fortnitemares, Pandas, and more.

It’s looking like this latest style could be an offshoot of Mecha Team Leader where a new skin is being built.

Over the several loading screens we’ve seen, there has been a small storyline that seemingly reveals the next Crew skin.

On May 19, we got a very clear look at this skin and if it’s not next month’s skin, then we’re not entirely sure what it’ll be used for. The end of the month is usually when Epic begins teasing the next skin, so we’re sure the answer will be revealed very soon.

When Does the Next Skin Release?

fortnite may crew bundle deimosfortnite may crew bundle deimos

Epic Games

The Crew pack usually releases on the final day of the month upon an Item Shop reset. This would mean May 31 at 8 p.m. ET in this case, so you have until then to grab Deimos.

Any Crew skin that’s released in exclusive to that month. This means that any skin you’ve seen show up in the subscription service will never arrive in the Item Shop. Green Arrow, Deimos, Alli, etc. are all exclusives and if you didn’t subscribe, your chance to get them has come and gone.

Over the months the service has been available, Epic has done their best to help sweeten the deal. For many players, getting the Battle Pass, some V-Bucks and a skin is enough, but for others, they need a bit more.

Epic recently offered three months of Spotify Premium to subscribers, so you’ll have that waiting for you if you want to grab a membership.

Something that was included with the May bundle was the Save the World PvE mode. You might remember that Epic said this mode would eventually go free-to-play, but nearly halfway through 2021, that still isn’t the case.

At this point, it’s unclear if they will ever make the mode free, so the best way to get it at a low price would be to subscribe to the Crew service before May is over. Of course, you’ll still be able to buy Save the World separately in the future if you ever want to dive in and try it out.

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