Fortnite Eco Set Back Bling Has Amazing Reactive Feature

Fortnite Eco Set Back Bling Has Amazing Reactive Feature

Epic Games

In celebration of Earth Day, Fortnite released a new Eco skin that has one of the cooler back blings we’ve seen in a long time.

Several of the recent skins that have been released into the Item Shop have had some small hidden features that fans might not be aware of when they buy the skin.

This includes the recent Brie Larson locker set, Diamond Hanz, and a lot more. With so many things being reactive, it can be hard to keep track of all of the cool cosmetics that Fortnite has to offer.

To their credit, Epic did let players know about this back bling before they bought it, but seeing it is a lot cooler than just reading about it.

Watch the Volcano

The skin itself is immensely detailed, and it actually comes from a fan-made concept from nollobandz, who thanked the developers for adding the skin.

The skin features a lot of remnants from the Chapter 1 map such as the volcano, what appears to be Loot Lake and even a Tomatohead belt buckle.

Yes, all of that is really cool, but what we’re going to be focusing on here is the Globee back bling. The volcano erupts each time you get a elimination, which is simply one of the coolest effects we’ve seen in Fortnite so far.

The only downside is that this is a pretty bulky back bling, so it might not get a lot of play for that reason alone. While that’s a good reason to not use it because we’re all for being stylish, it’d be a shame for players to not experience how cool the effect is.

Fortnite Got Chatty

Following the release of this set, the Fortnite Twitter account went on a tweeting spree replying to fans and answering all sorts of questions.

One important question that was raised was whether or not the person behind the account like Kevin, which is the name that was lovingly given to the roaming purple cube in Chapter 1.

The account replied with a question of their own by asking who doesn’t like Kevin, which is a fair thing to ask.

It might be hard to remember, but Epic used to be very open about their communication with fans, but ever since Chapter 2 rolled around, there has been a lot less chatter.

A developer does stop in here and there on Reddit, but it’s not really as often as it used to be. When Chapter 2 started, patch notes stopped coming in.

Lately, Epic has been dropping little bits of patch notes that let players know what they’ve buffed and nerfed, but nothing like what they used to do.

Obviously, having some idea of changes is better than having none at all, but there’s definitely more that can be done. Who knows, maybe Epic will get back to giving us a full set of patch notes. In the meantime, we’ll just have to take what we can get.

Make sure you pick up the Eco set while you can because there’s no telling when it’ll return.

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