Fortnite Primal Shotgun & Recycler Tweaked in New Hotfix

Fortnite Primal Shotgun & Recycler Tweaked in New Hotfix
fortnite primal shotgun nerf recycler buff

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Ever since the start of Fortnite Season 6, it seems like there’s been a debate on whether or not players should rock the Primal Shotgun or the more traditional Pump.

For many of the players, the Pump Shotgun has reigned supreme as it’s what more of them know, but many have found out that the Primal has the ability to wipe out whole squads with a single clip.

If you’re more accurate with your headshots, the Pump is the better gun. If you want to just hit players and not worry about headshots, then the Primal could be the better option for you.

Well, all of that might’ve been true until today. In a hotfix that released on April 8, Epic tweaked both the Primal Shotgun and the Recycler and this might change how you look at these two guns.

Let’s take a look at the Primal first and see how it changed.

Primal Shotgun Nerfed

According to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, the Primal Shotgun has been nerfed across the board and body shots will not be a lot weaker.

  • Common: 54 to 45
  • Uncommon: 57 to 47
  • Rare: 60 to 50
  • Epic: 63 to 52
  • Legendary: 66 to 55
  • Mythic: 69 to 57

The shots will still do a lot of damage, but we’re looking at nerf of more than 10 damage for most of the rarities, so it will not be nearly as good as it once was.

If you were on the fence about this gun in the past, this nerf might be enough to push you towards the Pump. The one thing the Primal will hold over other shotguns is the clip size and the sheer speed. For many players, this will still be the superior shotgun, but the gap has closed in a big way.

This isn’t the first time the Primal Shotgun has been nerfed either, so it’s clear that Epic is still trying to get this gun in a good spot. When it first released, it was extremely powerful and it was easy to see a nerf was needed.

Initially, Epic just slowed down the firing rate, but now a damage nerf has come into play. Perhaps this is what’s needed to make this Primal weapon feel a bit more fair. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Now, let’s shift our focus on the new Recycler and see how that has changed following this hotfix.

Recycler Changed Too

We have a look at the Recylcer’s new stats from FireMonkey, and it’s still looking like this will be a strong weapon.

The big thing to look at here is the damage to builds have been increased to 60 from 20, making much more effective against players who might be trying to survive in a box.

This is a new gun, so there’s a good chance that players won’t notice that change as much considering they haven’t had much time to get used to it in the first place.

Players are still finding out where this gun fits into the meta, but it’s becoming clear that Epic wants to make this weapon as viable as it can be. If you didn’t like it before, perhaps it’s time to get it another chance!