Fortnite Update Brings Back 2 Fan-Favorite Guns

Fortnite Update Brings Back 2 Fan-Favorite Guns

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While we didn’t get a big update that required downtime for Fortnite, we did get a smaller one that still managed to add some new content into the game this week.

Actually, we got two updates in the course of two days with another one arriving on May 4. Both of these updates gave us a bunch of new content to dive into.

Obviously, the biggest thing here is the return of the Infantry Rifle and Tactical Shotgun, but there’s still some more we can look at.

First, let’s go over the return of these guns and how they can fit into the current Fortnite meta.

Tactical Shotgun & Infantry Rifle Return

With the Tac being back, it adds yet another shotgun into the mix and that might not actually be the worst thing in the world.

The Primal Shotgun is already in a much worse spot than it was at the beginning of the season, and now the Tac has the chance to push it down even further.

Something the Primal had over other shotguns is the fact it’s more forgiving for people who can’t consistently hit their headshots. With the Tac in Fortnite now, it has effectively taken away that role from the Primal.

As for the Infantry Rifle, that’s a good addition to the game. With the only real long-range option in Season 6 so far being the bow, having another choice is always good. This is another gun that will be extremely powerful with players to take the time to be accurate.

It still might be a bit too early to tell how much these guns will shake up the meta, but considering they were already popular guns, we can see people making room in their inventory for them.

Maintenance Patch

On May 4, Epic dropped another update and this removed an unfinished style from the game.

More importantly, however, was the it fixed a bug that would sometimes block players from being able to pick up Raz’s Explosive Bow. Anybody who has used this weapon knows just how powerful it is, so this is a big thing that has been fixed.

Something else that Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR noted is something called “BroccoliHacks” and “BroccoliEmoteSync” was added into the game files following this update.

The leaker mentions this could be an encrypted emote because there’s currently nothing known that has this name in the game as of yet.

This could end up being one of the several crossovers that were revealed or it could be something else entirely. We do know that Epic does tend to scrap a lot of things and if it weren’t for leakers, we wouldn’t know about the sheer number of things the developers come up with that never make it into Fortnite.

The next numbered update will likely be arriving next Tuesday and that one will come with some downtime. We don’t yet know everything that’s coming, but it’s expected that a crossover with the NBA will be happening. Stay tuned for that in the near future.

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