Fortnite Wild Week Ditches Fire For Fishing

Epic Games

The next Fortnite Wild Week has been revealed and instead of focusing on fire like we just spent a week doing, we’ll now be turning our eyes towards the waters.

Instead of having to burn a bunch of things, you’ll have to grab a fishing pole or Harpoon Gun and get to work.

For the fire week, we were given an overabundance of flame bows, Flare Guns and other firey items, so we expect this week to give us the same type of deal. With this new week, the Flare Gun is gone, so all 12 of you out there who love the gun will have to wait for its return.

While those weapons are now a thing of the past, that doesn’t meant there’s nothing to look forward to.

Here’s how this week’s Wild Week will work and what you’ll need to know about it.

Catch Those Fish

You might remember that the Legendary challenge from the past week involved burning objects with fire.

This time around, it’s all about catching fish. You’ll need to catch 250 fish in total to finish off the entire questline, but it’ll be a lot easier this week thanks to the new Wild Week.

That’s a lot of fish, but the main draw of this Wild Week is that fishing will now be a much faster experience for anybody involved.

The number of fishing spots is increased, chances of getting fish from the spots has increased, and NPCs sell fish for cheaper. You’ll quickly notice you are getting all sorts of fish from the spots, making fishing an even more viable option than it previously was.

As already mentioned, the Flare Gun is now gone and Fireflies can no longer be found in chests.

The fishing spots will give you at least three usages minimum and you can use them a maximum of six times now, according to HYPEX.

Of course, not every spot is the same, so your mileage will vary here.

How Long Does it Last?

fortnite neymar iron man emote disabledfortnite neymar iron man emote disabled

Epic Games

Wild Weeks stay very true to their name as they only last seven days. They begin on Thursdays when the new quests go line and run until the next set are live.

This means the fishing Wild Week will run from May 13 to May 20. If it’s anything like this week’s festivities, Epic will give us a heads up on what’s coming over the horizon.

There will be one more Wild Week to close out the season after the next that begins on June 3 according to a blog post. This does mean they will be skipping a week.

For this week, we knew it’d be related to fishing because of this wording in their update tweet:

“Catch a win in the next Wild Week starting May 13,” which came with a fish emoji at the front of it as well.

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If you ever wanted to knock out any fishing challenges in Fortnite, this will definitely be the time you can do so. This will only last for a week, so make sure you get in there and hit the ponds!

Remember that Legendary quests also expire after a week, so make sure you don’t miss out on all of that juicy XP.

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