Gabbie Hanna Death | Is Gabbie Hanna Dead or Alive

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Gabbie Hanna Death | Recently the internet has been sparked up about the death of American Youtuber Gabbie Hanna.

This all started on social media, where various tributes has been shared;

to all the gabbinators I am sorry to announce that @gabbiehanna has sadly passed away, prayers to her family and her even tho she didn’t lived a perfect life she would always be with us
#ripgabbiehanna #ripgabbie

Her death came immediately she dropped a shocking post on 15 July 2020 through her twitter telling all her fans that they should be happy that she is going to die because according to her that is all they wanted.
“Goodbye. Are you happy? Is that what you fucking wanted? For me to leave? How was laughing at the fact i could poissbly die?
I no longer desire to be here. For the final time, goodbye.” she said on Twitter

However, she is not dead and she is very much alive, please dis-regard any fake news.

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