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Geoffrey Ewenson Obituary – Composing the primary word can frequently be the hardest, which is what’s happening now as a eulogy is being made for Geoff Ewenson. Startling passings raise this test, especially for somebody as fit, youthful, and regarded. The agony now in the cruising scene is genuine.

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Annapolis is an unassuming community, yet a mariner’s town, and it is of some happenstance that Geoff’s better half Mary Ewenson is the channel for the Chesapeake area. I turned into a fanatic of Mary through her distribution dispatched 25 years back with Dave Gendell, SpinSheet. Local distributions make our game great, and SpinSheet is incredible.

More will be said about Geoff’ before his takeoff, yet my musings are currently with my dear associate Mary. She lights the stay with force and character and improves things. A diamond! I can’t envision managing such a misfortune. Goodness Mary, you are in my petitions.

I missed my yearly excursion to the Annapolis Boat Show, with the COVID-19 retraction keeping me from a Budweiser or two with Geoff and Mary. It was consistently a feature. Yet, presently this? Such a gut punch. What amount more will 2020 take?

On the morning of October 14, Geoff Ewenson died unexpectedly of an evident coronary failure at 50 years old. Most SpinSheet perusers know Geoff as an expert mariner and mentor, a brilliant author, pontoon analyst, and supporter of numerous things SpinSheet. Overall he was the caring spouse of SpinSheet distributer and proprietor Mary Ewenson. We are crushed over his misfortune.