Gia Giudice Claims She Had To Force Apology From Jackie Goldschneider

Gia Giudice


Gia Giudice

Gia Giudice is sounding off on “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Jackie Goldschneider in a new sneak-peak clip of the upcoming “Watch What Happens Live” kids special airing on Mother’s Day.

On April 26, Bravo posted a preview clip of the upcoming special, which showed Giudice talking to host Andy Cohen. Cohen asked Giudice if her mom, Teresa Giudice, was right to be so angry at Goldschneider after Goldschneider made an analogy in which she likened the cheating rumors about her husband to Gia Giudice doing cocaine.

“Absolutely. I was completely disgusted by it,” Giudice told Cohen. “I never thought my name would ever be brought up and especially being on the show for so long, no Housewife has ever disrespected me. For one person to ever use my name in a poor manner, I was like, in shock.”

Cohen then asked Giudice if Goldschneider had apologized to her. “Well, I honestly reached out to her,” Giudice revealed. “I had complaints from my sorority, I was almost put in a meeting because they wanted to make sure I was okay, I dealt with a lot of things because of this analogy. I made her very aware of that. Following that, she did apologize and did her Twitter apology, which I thought was alright, but it wasn’t anything too crazy.”

Jackie Goldschneider Claimed That Giudice Was “Fine With It”

During a recent episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” After Show, Goldschneider claimed that Giudice understood that what she said was simply an analogy. “It’s very clear that I wasn’t looking to hurt Gia,” Goldschneider said at the time. “I would never, ever, do that. I feel terrible if Gia is getting any blowback from this at all, that was never my intention. I texted Teresa right after and made sure she knew that, that it was an analogy, it’s not true. Gia was fine with it.”

Goldschneider continued, “I actually texted with Gia the day of the episode, and she was okay. It’s not comfortable for me to see people saying that I started a rumor about a kid but the large, large, large majority of people know that it was an analogy, they don’t see anything wrong with what I did, I don’t see anything wrong with it either. That’s what I’m seeing from people.”

Giudice Also Sounded off on Twitter

After that explosive episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” aired, Giudice took to Twitter to air out her thoughts on the matter.

“Saying it was an analogy is making it excusable, it’s not,” Giudice wrote about Goldschneider on February 19. “My character is now being questioned. My name was used to make a point. No one should be used in that way, I am suffering the consequences for such an outlandish and untrue statement. While her marriage is happy & intact.”

Viewers can catch new episodes of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” every Wednesday night on Bravo at 9/8c.

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