Gina Brunson Car Accident | Road Accident

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Gina Brunson Car Accident – Gina Brunson is an American television personality. Gina Brunson is widely known for her work in producing as well as appearing alongside her husband Jon Brunson, in their own venturous Outdoor Channel television series “Addicted To The Outdoors”.

Gina Brunson married her boyfriend Jon Brunson. The couple is blessed with six children and is living quite contentedly for more than a decade.

Originally from Brandon, Florida, Gina grew up in a foster home until she got adopted by a family who took her to fish and camping.

This help sparked her interest in woods as well as hunting. Although she didn’t quite indulge in hunting but was fond of it from a very early age.

Gina Brunson met Jon Brunson when she was age 17 and the two of them has never been apart since then.

She has been married to Jon for more than ten years and together shares six children with him, three young adults, and three teens.

She has an elder sister whom she loves very much and mentions having a family as her topmost priority.

An ATV accident left Gina Brunson unable to hunt majority of this season. Now on the mend, she’s back at it and connected on this old bruiser buck. CONGRATS!!!