Girl allegedly commits suicide after losing a man to her best friend of 15 years

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A girl has allegedly committed suicide shortly after she lost the man she fell in love with to her best friend of 15 years.

Social media user, Faizah shared that she just found out her former best friend of 15 years committed suicide after they both fell in love with thesame man who chose her over the girl.

This girl has been my bestfriend for over 15years and unfortunately we fell in love with the same man and that man loves me not her but she was already obsessed over him so we fought and stopped talking for over 2weeks now and she committed suicide today

person who commits suicide as a result of a mental disorder like depression or some other severe form of anxiety is not in full control of his senses. We cannot say how God will judge such a person, but we trust to God’s justice, because He does not deal unfairly with anyone. We pray for the person concerned, and request God to forgive him. – Aliyu Abubakar Dasuma

If this happens to be true . this now add to the reason why we should run an online awareness showing that relationship is just an aspect of life no the whole life their are other things that matter.the rate of suicide due to relationship crisis in the youth is really growing – Black Ghost

How you comfortably wrote this without remorse says “either not true or your happy which makes you bad”. No offense though it’s raw truth and humble opinion – NorthernLiveMatter

She’s not your friend … because if she were … the tone of this tweet will not be as stern as it sounds…. this cant be true… Sigh…. RIP to her… she shouldn’t have killed herself because of a man … I hope you find peace knowing someone died in your triangle. – MJ Kiss mark

Even you that is alive might end up not marrying the man – @adamu_tee

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