Glyn Pattison Tribute Coronation Street | Glyn Pattison Death

Horace Clarke Death

Officers investigating Glyn Pattison Corrie Died on May 21, 2020. Found no suspicious circumstances or third party involvement.

Glyn had been found unresponsive in the bath tub, and paramedics pronounced life extinct at 18.19 hours on May 21, police coroner’s officer Stefan Wilson said.

The 64 year old grandfather was found dead at his home in a bath tub the day after being discharged from hospital.

Today, sadly we say goodbye to Glyn Pattison. A good friend from Caravanning and Corry. Cheryl Pattison we send all our heartfelt love and hugs to you. Kev will be there to fly the flag 💕💕💕

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