Golden Tate Suggested as Ideal Free Agent Add for Ravens

Golden Tate Suggested as Ideal Free Agent Add for Ravens
Golden Tate


Golden Tate makes a catch for the Giants.

The Baltimore Ravens have been busier than normal in recent weeks, but even that uptick ahead of the NFL Draft doesn’t mean the team should stop being on the hunt as it relates to adding more players that can help.

Baltimore theoretically still has major holes on their roster, one of which is at wideout. Though the team signed Sammy Watkins a few weeks back to a short-term deal, the chance does still exist for the Ravens to make another splashy move to help add to the depth and playmaking on their roster.

Recently, Bleacher Report took a look at naming a single free agent for every team that can still help. When it came to the Ravens, Golden Tate was the choice of writer Alex Kay. As he said, Tate could be the perfect package for the Ravens at a spot which is still a hole.

He wrote:

“The worst team in the league in terms of reception numbers last year simply must make a move to acquire more receiver help. Baltimore’s most notable wideout signing this offseason was Sammy Watkins, a player who didn’t live up to expectations during his tenure with the Chiefs and is a huge injury risk.

While the Ravens could opt to use an early draft pick on a wideout to help Lamar Jackson, there are some serviceable veterans still unsigned. Golden Tate is one of the notable ones available and should still have something left to offer at this late stage of his career.

Tate isn’t qualified to be a legitimate No. 1 WR anymore, but the 32-year-old has the skill set to at least work as a reliable slot option for Baltimore. He had a down 2020 campaign with the Giants—catching just 35 passes for 388 yards and a pair of touchdowns—but those numbers would still be quite beneficial in a run-heavy Ravens attack.”

While Tate isn’t likely to be a fixture in the NFL anymore in the future, he can still be a solid player who can give a needy team like Baltimore some additional punch in the passing game. Tate’s best days might be behind him, but he can still make some waves and be an intriguing addition for a team like Baltimore that has been devoid of playmaking and leadership at wideout for a few seasons now.

Tate’s NFL Stats

At 32, Tate is probably living on borrowed time as a high-level NFL player, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still be a quality piece for a roster. In Detroit, Tate already proved how good he can be. With the Lions, the wideout put up a solid 4,741 yards, 22 touchdowns and 441 receptions. He cracked the 2014 Pro Bowl for his work with the Lions, and was a solid player with the Seattle Seahawks before that. The last two seasons in New York, Tate’s numbers have fallen off considerably given his 8 touchdowns and 1,064 receiving yards, but there is little question what he brings to the mix as a stable, veteran presence for a team and a locker room.

In the stops he’s made recently, Tate has shown an ability to connect with the team as well as the community in order to form a bond. To this end, he could be a solid addition for the Ravens even as it appears Tate might not have much gas left in the tank near the potential end of his NFL career.

Why Tate Could Fit Ravens Well

As explained, the Ravens do need some major help at wideout. The team has made only one move to fortify the position this offseason, meaning they are likely to look to the draft for more help soon, but in grabbing Tate, the chance would exist for the Ravens to add a dynamic player that could impact the game in a major way in terms of speed, catching the ball and being in the right place at the right time. He could also add a very solid veteran presence to a locker room that could need it when all is said and done given some of their changes and limitations in recent years.

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