Gone With The Wind’s Author Had A Secret Eyebrow-Raising Hobby – What We Know!

Gone With The Wind's Author Had A Secret Eyebrow-Raising Hobby

Margaret Mitchell was admittedly a vehement proponent of “all types of sexual expression,” which is why she began gathering erotica as a younger lady. Books like “Aphrodite” and “Fanny Hill” occupied her not-so-secret arsenal of literary libido turners, and it was round this time that she began writing “Gone with the Wind” (by way of Early Chicken Books). Whereas the basic Civil Battle-era novel is under no circumstances a smut piece, it’s supercharged with intimate radiance between its two primary characters, Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler. Additional, “I’d reduce up my coronary heart so that you can put on in case you needed it,” Scarlett declares to Ashley Wilkes at one level (by way of Google Books)

Having mentioned that, there are specific sequences within the ebook that do border on what one may contemplate “abject eroticism,” together with a controversial love scene on a staircase that has been the topic of a lot debate through the years (by way of Spark Notes). For a younger lady within the early Twenties, a wealthy assortment of erotica might have been seen as problematic and shameful, however Margaret Mitchell was a person who by no means shielded her concepts about sexuality from the world, typically labeling herself as an “unscrupulous flirt” (per Books Inform You Why).