Grace Duncombe GoFundme / Grace Duncombe Emergency Heart Surgery Expenses

Grace Duncombe GoFundme

Grace Duncombe GoFundme – Grace Duncombe needs emergency heart surgery!!

Grace began having chest pain on January 26, 2021. She was evaluated and sent home where she then experienced severe abdominal pain and disorientation. She was taken to the hospital, where testing was performed and she was thought to have viral pneumonia and was again discharged. On Saturday, January 30, 2021, the pain intensified and she was taken by ambulance to the hospital where she was diagnosed with an Aortic Dissection.

Unfortunately, her condition is grave and must be treated with EMERGENCY SURGERY by Wednesday, February 3, 2021.

Grace is the loving mother of a University Sophomore at USF. She is caring and generous to all she meets. She is the glue of her family and is energetic and fun-loving.

I am Grace’s niece and am collecting donations for her medical care. Donations will be used to cover medical bills and will be sent directly to her immediate family.

US donors can give directly via this page. Additional banking information for Bahamas:
Branch 05135-003
Account Number 100-073-6
Sponsor Group (Bahamas) Ltd.

Grace Duncombe GoFundme