Gretchen Anthony Death – Remains of Wife Found After Husband Used COVID-19 as a Cover for Her Disappearance

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Palm Beach County Sheriff\’s Office/Facebook David Antony confess to second-degree murder and hijacking of his significant other nine months after she disappeared.

Nine months following 51-year-old Gretchen Anthony disappeared under dubious conditions, Jupiter, Florida police say they accept they have discovered her remaining parts. Her repelled spouse, David Anthony, 44, argue to second-degree murder and hijacking on December 21 and revealed to them where he’d shrouded her body, as indicated by the Jupiter Police Department.

The case brought warnings back up in late March when four individuals near the lady as far as anyone knows got instant messages from her maxim she was hospitalized with COVID-19 and was being held by the “CDC”, as per the capture oath.

Every one of those observers called the police in the next days after not having the option to arrive at Gretchen, and, in any event two of them educated officials that they were concerned regarding her since she’d sought legal separation from David around three weeks sooner on February 28, per the capture report.

They said the writings didn’t seem like something she would send, and one observer told police that “David Anthony had ‘issues’ and she was worried about the possibility that that he may have planned something for Gretchen Anthony, in view of earlier information on his practices,” as indicated by the oath.

One of such practices that the observer was alluding to may have been the way he was captured on March 15, pretty much seven days before Gretchen disappeared, for opposing capture with savagery after a secret cop says he spotted David moving toward little youngsters outside The Two Drunken Goats eatery in Riviera Beach.

As per that reasonable justification sworn statement, it was 10:30 at night when the official said he saw David “wearing a multi-shaded camo type coat and Levis acting dubiously by moving toward little youngsters (around 15 years old), pacing to and fro and perspiring plentifully.”

The official additionally said there was tape on the tag intended to adjust the manner in which the numbers looked, changing a 6 to a 8. In the long run, the circumstance raised to David disregarding police orders and rifling for something in his vehicle, at which time the official threatened to use his firearm on David and captured him, as per the account in the capture oath.

In ensuing writings among David and one of the observers who got the odd writings from Gretchen’s telephone, David referenced the capture and said he’d seen Gretchen on March 21, the exact day neighbors detailed hearing a lady’s shouts in the early morning hours in their area. More on that soon.

As indicated by the capture sworn statement, David messaged the observer who inquired as to whether he’d seen or gotten with Gretchen on March 25, saying, “Ran into her haphazardly Sat a.m. She referenced something about going to sea shore to ground herself bc she wasn’t feeling admirably. At that point she continued to disclose to me I should ‘argue craziness’ on some false police accuses I’ve been managing of. Haven’t addressed her since. Why? Is everything alright?… ”

The observer answered, “All we know is that she is stating she’s at a CDC office since she has the infection … something doesn’t appear to be correct.”

Agents checked with neighborhood emergency clinics and none had a record of Gretchen Anthony being conceded with COVID-19, as per the capture report.

Neighbors Say They Heard a Woman’s ‘Bloodcurdling’ Screams in the Early Morning Hours of March 21


Police examined Gretchen’s home after reports from her loved ones about the abnormal writings from her and discovered motivation to consider it a wrongdoing scene. As indicated by examiners, a neighbor moved toward them inquiring as to whether they were there about “the assault that happened Saturday morning.”

The capture sworn statement says that the neighbor told police she heard a “lady’s voice let out a bloodcurdling shout.” The neighbor said the voice stated, “No! No, it Hurts!”

Another of Gretchen’s neighbors likewise announced hearing “a female shouting noisily.”

It shows up none of the neighbors who heard those shouts called police, however they saw a truck left at Gretchen’s home that morning and going back and forth in the days after with the bed stacked with things and covered with a canvas. The primary neighbor even snapped a picture of the tag, which ended up belonging to David, criminologists said.

Neighbors additionally revealed it appeared somebody was cleaning something in the carport in the day or two after the shouting was heard, as a white fluid was leaking free from the carport entryway. Examiners detailed discovering blood scatter, two jugs of cleaner on the kitchen counter, broken glass and washed towels that seemed to have bloodstains on them all inside the home.

Police say dead body canines found trails on the carport floor where blood was hence found, and in Gretchen’s vehicle, which was discovered left at Jupiter Medical Center. The capture affirmation says that video observation shows a tall man stopping Gretchen’s blue small scale cooper at the clinical focus and afterward leaving by walking.

In any case, maybe the most implicating proof was the reconnaissance film from Gretchen’s home.

‘What Are You Doing?’ Was Heard on the Surveillance Video When David Showed Up At Gretchen’s House around 6 a.m.


Police say video reconnaissance taken from Gretchen’s home shows a man recognized by an observer as David appearing on Gretchen’s front screened-in patio on the morning of March 21 a brief time after 6 a.m. He was “conveying an obscure item,” as he went through minutes on the patio alone, “controlling” the obscure article, lastly strolls to a dull corner of the yard at 6:09 a.m.

At 6:13 a.m. a lady recognized as Gretchen by an observer who was indicated a still photograph of the video comes out to the patio. The recording shows in that very moment, “the casualty is done remaining outside of the home, there is suppressed hollering heard as the casualty seems, by all accounts, to be pushed toward the carport entrance entryway,” the oath says.

At that point at about 6:14 a.m. the words, “What are you doing?” are heard on the chronicle, per the police report.

Nothing else is seen until 6:50 a.m. at the point when David, who is 6’7 as indicated by the capture sworn statement, shows up once more, alone, on the screened-in yard.

Police said in the capture report that a lot later — almost 12 PM — new film focuses to the camera being brought down and brought into the carport. In this recording, police said there was a 5-gallon water container with a “bloodlike substance on it. In the shot, close to the water container was a blood-splashed head of light-shaded hair which was not moving.”

David Suggested to Police That Gretchen’s Ex-Husband Might Have Wanted to Harm Her & She Was in Fear for Her Life Because She Was Uncovering Fraud at Her Job, Meanwhile, He Pawned Women’s Jewelry

After Gretchen’s loved ones were getting writings from her telephone charging she was hospitalized with COVID-19, and police were examining her vanishing, David concocted another story for the police.

As per the capture oath, he called Jupiter Police’s Detective Kennerson on March 30 to state that he’d expressed with Gretchen simply that day. David said she was all the while being treated for COVID-19, however she’d arranged an articulation, and that she had “revealed unlawful government charge extortion at her manager,” and was starting the way toward being an informant. David proceeded to tell the investigator that Gretchen was “panicked for her life and somebody was shipped off hurt her the other end of the week,” per the testimony.

David disclosed to Kennerson Gretchen figured it might have been her ex, and that she needed police to get some information about him. He finished the discussion by saying Gretchen needed her loved ones to realize she adored them yet “this was the entirety of the data that Gretchen was eager to share,” the police report says.

The exact day that Kennerson got the call from David, he got another call from an adornments storekeeper in Pensacola who said they’d purchased a few bits of ladies’ gems from David on March 25. As indicated by that witness, David revealed to her the adornments had a place with his mom who passed on of COVID-19. Examiners state David furnished the gems storekeeper with his distinguishing proof and that a look at made to David for the adornments had been liquidated.

It was March 30 that police gave a capture warrant for David, yet he was not secured until May 7 when because of a public BOLO, or “be watching out” gave from Florida law requirement, he was trapped in Las Cruces, New Mexico and removed back to Florida, the Las Cruces Sun-News detailed.

The collection of Gretchen had still never been found until December 21 after David took a request bargain saying he was liable of the hijacking and murder of his significant other in return for a 38-year jail sentence. The arrangement was dependent upon David telling police where he concealed her body, and them discovering it, per Jupiter Police.

As per the office, they found remaining parts where David portrayed “in the territory of Bush Road and Indiantown Road” that are “accepted to be Gretchen,” yet said a clinical analyst will affirm it.

Police Chief Daniel Kerr said in a Facebook post, “We trust this will carry conclusion to the family since Gretchen has been found.”

Gretchen abandons a youthful little girl who she called the adoration for her life.