Hallmark Responds as Fans Speak Out on Schedule Change

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The Hallmark Channel has recently made some big changes to its weekday schedule, dropping movies in favor of sitcom reruns on Mondays through Wednesdays. Viewers haven’t been happy about it and have been speaking out about the changes. Hallmark has responded to the comments, but so far viewers are expressing discontent at the response.

The Schedule Change Favors Sitcom Reruns Over Movies Most Mondays-Wednesdays

The Hallmark Channel recently made big changes to its network schedule, dropping movie reruns on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons and evenings. The upcoming schedule seems to be continuing that trend. According to the channel’s website, Monday, May 17 will feature reruns of “Reba” after “Home & Family” from 11 a.m. Eastern to 1:30 p.m. Eastern, followed by reruns of “Last Man Standing” from 2 p.m. Eastern to 9:30 p.m. Eastern.  On Tuesday, May 18, the network has “Reba” reruns scheduled all afternoon and evening until the typical “Golden Girl” reruns late at night. Then on Wednesday, May 19, the network has a mix of “Reba” and “Golden Girl” reruns all day. Thursdays and Fridays mark a return to movie reruns in the afternoons.

Monday, May 24-Wednesday, May 26 mark the same sitcom rerun schedule.

The schedule seems to be changing the first week of June — at least for one day — according to Hallmark’s website. On Monday, May 31, The Hallmark Channel has movie reruns on the schedule starting at 9 a.m. Eastern and lasting all day.

However, Tuesday, June 1, returns to sitcom reruns all day. Wednesday, June 2, also marks a full day of sitcom reruns. Then Thursday and Friday return to afternoon and evening movie reruns. The schedule beyond this date is not available as of the time of this article’s publication.

Here’s How Hallmark Responded to Viewer Complaints

Heavy reached out to multiple people at The Hallmark Channel for comment about the schedule change and did not receive any responses. However, Hallmark did respond to individual viewers’ writing them about the change.

On their official Facebook page, Hallmark shared the following replies to people asking about the movies being dropped from the schedule.

In response to one fan, Hallmark wrote: “Thank you for your feedback. We’ll forward your comments on to our programming team.”


To another viewer, Hallmark wrote on Facebook: “We certainly cate about what our viewers think and we appreciate your feedback.”


One viewer was angry by the response, replying: “Then fix it and give us a REAL answer..not some robo trash.”

Hallmark fan Melissa Pinto told Heavy that she wrote the network and simply received a message that basically said “sometimes we change our programming from time to time,” along with a promise to send her comments along to the head of the network.

Another viewer reached out to Heavy with a screenshot of Hallmark’s response to their inquiry, which read:

Thank you for contacting Crown Media Family Networks, home of The Hallmark Channel! We make schedule changes from time to time. We appreciate your feedback as we make these occasional scheduling changes. We’ll pass your comments on to our programming team.

Fans Are Still Expressing Anger About the Schedule Change


Fans aren’t happy about Hallmark’s responses so far to their complaints. One viewer wrote on Hallmark’s official Facebook page, asking about the change. Another viewer responded and wrote: “…do you notice they never reply with any kind of answer when we’re dissatisfied? Only if they’re being praised. They have to know that most of us have to get a more expensive package with our cable to get them. I guess they really don’t care.”

When Heavy reached out to fans in a Hallmark Facebook group for comment, they had a lot to say.

Cynthia Holland wrote to Heavy: “I hate the schedule change I pay good money for three channels! I want drama channel to go back to movies at 8 am on Saturday! I want movies back at 12every day no sitcoms! And I want movies until midnight every night and all weekend long like they used to do! No sitcoms golden girls Reba garbage! Hate it! … I’ve called them every day! No response! They don’t listen to viewers!…”

Joyce Comparato wrote Heavy a long note about her feelings, which included the following:

After years of being a loyal Hallmark viewer – and one who has seen Hallmark movies time and time again – I never thought I would be so angry with your programming choices. The change to scheduling to include sitcom after sitcom is not what I want to pay for and not what I choose to watch. The Hallmark line up should not include TV rejected reruns … To be clear When Calls the Heart is not enough to keep the channel alive if all that is offered the other 23 hours is sitcoms. Hope that Hallmark returns to caring enough to give the very best! I can appreciate that we are emerging from a difficult year and movie production may be down – but I would think that your teams and actors are anxious to return to work and creating movies. I look froward to those releases in prime time. I would think that currently there are enough good movies in the Hallmark arsenal to fill a day so – PLEASE don’t subject viewers to any more sitcom pain.

Cynthia Jackson Cook wrote that she might cancel her cable subscription over the change, noting: “Hallmark is half the reason I get cable. AT&T may lose my business if Hallmark isn’t worth it!”

Janet Buzbee wrote, in part: “The changes are very disappointing, and it seems the company is trying to save money. Is Hallmark in trouble?”

Ann Gale Weiss commented, “Stop it, Hallmark! We do not like nor do we want old sitcoms.”

Kris Gauthier predicted that Hallmark would lose subscribers over the change, writing: “Hallmark will be losing lots of subscribers from their cable companies.”

On Hallmark’s official Facebook page, one fan wrote: “You keep advertising new shows, premieres etc. But will not address the big problem. Most of your viewers want to know why you are showing sitcom reruns during the day instead of movies. You are losing a lot of loyal fans…”

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