Has ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Already Started Filming?


Blake Hortsmann (L), Nick Viall (C), Wells Adams (R)

Has “Bachelor in Paradise” already started filming? Rumors hit a fever pitch this weekend when several members of Bachelor Nation showed up in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Fans have noticed that some of their favorite past contestants, including Nick Viall, Wells Adams, and Blake Hortsmann, revealed that they were in Mexico by way of their Instagram Stories. A report from Cosmopolitan suggests that the “Bachelor” alums are on-hand for the new season of the show, which is set to begin filming soon, now that Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette” has wrapped.

“Here’s my personal theory: Nick Viall is hosting the show, Wells Adams is bartending per usual, and Ben, Jared, and Dean have been brought in to guide contestants since all of them are in happy relationships at the moment,” Cosmo’s Mehera Bonner writes, supplying two other key points: The first is that “Bachelor in Paradise” is set to premiere on August 16, which means that filming could start any day now. The second is that the show “historically films in Mexico,” so the guys being in Cabo “makes sense.”

However, it seems as though there’s something else that brought these key “Bachelor” players to Mexico — and it does have to do with the “Bachelor.” Several “Bachelor” fans have figured out that Ben Higgins is celebrating his Bachelor Party in Cabo with some of his closest pals. In fact, one Reddit user revealed that her friend’s husband is in attendance.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ben Previously Shared That His Bachelor Party Was ‘Coming up’

In an interview with Hollywood Life in April 2021, Ben revealed that he was going to be celebrating his bachelor party soon. He told the outlet that he had invited several people from Bachelor Nation.

“I have my bachelor party coming up and I have about 10 friends from The Bachelor world that are real friends of mine. People that have been a part of my life, been there through the ups and downs. I hope we can get together and celebrate. I dreamed of a good bachelor party. I hope we can get together and meet up soon once it’s safe,” he told the outlet.

Other Bachelor guys believed to be in Mexico for Ben’s last hurrah include Jared Haibon and Dean Unglert.

Ben has been especially quiet on Instagram this weekend, which is hopefully a sign that he’s kicking back and having a great time with his pals.

Ben’s Wedding Is in November 2021 & Will not Be Televised

Ben met his fiancee Jessica Clarke online back in 2018. The two dated for about two years before getting engaged in March 2020. The couple has been planning this wedding for more than a year, and seems excited to be tying the knot in just six months.

In his interview with Hollywood Life, Ben revealed that he had invited several people from Bachelor Nation to his wedding, including women he dated on the show.

“People from Bachelor Nation, there’s going to be a lot. It’s going to be true as far as friends are. You’ve got Ashley Iaconetti who’s my co-host on the podcast. Becca Kufrin who was my co-host for ‘The Bachelor’ live tour. You also have Dean [Michael Unglert] and Jared [Haibon] and Nick Viall and Wells [Adams] and Tanner [Tolbert]. There’s all guys from my season and guys that came afterwards. Shawn Booth. To this day, I say one of my favorite people in the world is Becca Tilley. She’s going to be there. She’s been incredible to my fiancée as Jess has sort of walked this world with The Bachelor and had to hear about it. Just some special people like that,” he told the outlet.

Ben also confirmed that his wedding would not be televised.

“I don’t think we’re going to have it filmed. We are going to have it covered. There’s going to be pictures shared. I also think it’s a moment to allow this to be our special day with our friends and family,” he told Hollywood Life.

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