Heavyweight Boxer’s Savage KO: ‘That Was Scary’ [WATCH]

Heavyweight Boxer’s Savage KO: ‘That Was Scary’ [WATCH]
Efe Ajagba


Undefeated heavyweight boxing contender Eje Ajagba scored a devastating knockout victory over Brian Howard on Saturday at Osage Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ajagba, 26, is one of the most intimidating heavyweight sluggers in the sport today, and the Nigerian-born boxing prodigy who lives and trains in Texas continued his menacing ways by crushing his 40-year-old opponent with a single blow.

You can watch Ajagba’s knockout below.

Here’s another angle of the incredible knockout.

The Ring’s Ryan O’Hara posted, “Efe Ajagba just knocked out Brian Howard cold…”.

Ring TV host Cynthia Conte added, “He was knocked out into a whole other dimension. That was scary.”

Ajaba left the ring with his undefeated record intact. He’s now 15-0 with 12 KOs. Howard fell to 15-5, but at least he seemed to be okay after getting punched with such tremendous force.

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