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Here Are The Exhibitions to Visit This Month

With social distancing measures being relaxed this month, we’re heading out on the town to take a look at some gorgeous items that’s on view.

4 artwork exhibitions to take a look at this month in Hong Kong

Trevor Yeung, Pull it collectively (2022)

Eclectic Preparations  

Blindspot Gallery showcases two native artists concurrently. Sarah Lai’s Pure Coronary heart Purchasing Road shows a set a of sunshine containers, movies, oil work and different paraphernalia inside a fabricated scene of a procuring road in Japan. On the opposite facet of the area, Trevor Yeung’s Not every part is about you brings collectively a union of botanical and inanimate objects to articulate the unstated guidelines between human emotion and relationships. 

Till Could 7

Corn Shuk Mei Ho, Lido (2020)

Waves of Blue 

Modern gallery Odds and Ends launches their inaugural exhibition with Cantonese artists Peter Chan, Corn Ho and Lewis Lau. Titled One thing Blue, the present explores the pensive energy and cultural connotations of the color and its many hues.  

Till Could 29 

Hart Haus incubation programme

Made With H(e)artwork 

Non-profit artwork group HART Haus showcases the works of Hong Kong-based creatives from the sixth session of their incubation programme, HART Social Studio. With an overarching theme of people inside a neighborhood, the present navigates the blurred boundaries of human relationships and identities.  

Till Jun 2

Advantage Village, Rush (2022)

Humanity Re-examined 

New gallery on the block Property Holdings Improvement (PHD) Group presents Village Porn by Advantage Village, an artist duo comprised of Joseph Chen and Cas Wong. The present explores themes of equipment and cyborgian identities in a post-internet, post-human world.  

Till Jul 2