Here’s What Ancient Mayans Used For Currency – What We Know!

Here's What Ancient Mayans Used For Currency

For the Maya, chocolate was not the neatly-wrapped deal with that so many people get pleasure from in immediately. How Stuff Works states that it was procured from cacao bushes and floor in a trend much like immediately’s course of, however the artwork of chocolate preparation was very completely different. Cornmeal, chili, and different components had been added to the frothy concoction, which was then loved as a drink. One which introduced new that means to the time period sizzling chocolate, at that.

The higher echelons of Maya society reveled in chocolate, which additionally featured prominently in non secular rites and was thought of to be worthy of the gods themselves. The remainder of society reportedly loved it too, however solely after they had been capable of get their arms on it.

Chocolate was, in brief, extremely prized by the Maya, a logo of wealth and one thing even larger. It now seems that the beans of the cacao plant, together with different priceless assets, had been certainly used as a type of forex by the Maya.