HGTV’s Tarek El Moussa Slept on Floor of $1 Million Home

HGTV’s Tarek El Moussa Slept on Floor of $1 Million Home


Tarek El Moussa talks about his path to success.

Terek El Moussa recently spoke at a real estate gala where he shared the story of his ups and downs on the way to success.

The almost eight-minute speech was captured and posted on the HGTV star’s Instagram page. During the speech, El Moussa recalls one story that still affects him today.

“From the day I signed up for coaching to 90 days later, this is how my life changed,” said El Moussa. “I went from being a 20-year-old kid with no money, no skills, nothing, living in a garage. Ninety days later, I made $120,000 in real estate commissions selling houses, selling houses. And right around my 21st birthday, I brought a million-dollar house. I moved from a garage to a million-dollar house. I’ll never forget the feeling moving into this big house, with no furniture, sleeping on the floor with sheets and blankets and pillows. I was the happiest guy alive like I was so happy.”

El Moussa described the experience 19 years ago when he attended a training seminar hosted by real estate coach Mike Ferry. El Moussa talked about leaving the conference very motivated.

He invested $1000 per month in a personal real estate coach, and the decision proved fruitful for him. According to El Moussa, these early investments and experiences–which were not without some ups and downs–led him to his current place in the real estate and television industry.

Here is a look at the entire segment from El Moussa’s Instagram page.

Tarek El Moussa Battled Cancer While Filming Flip or Flop

One of El Moussa’s biggest struggles was with his health.

In 2013 a Flip or Flop fan, who also happened to be a nurse, noticed a lump on El Moussa’s throat and emailed the network with her concern. He was then diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and through further testing, he also discovered he had testicular cancer.

In a recent interview on Discovery Plus’ House Party with Brian Balthazar and Loren Ruch, the 39-year-old talked about the difficulties of filming and battling cancer.

People don’t realize that for six seasons of the nine seasons, I was really sick. One season I’m 240 pounds, the next season I’m 160 pounds. It was a rough run filming through those years.

In 2019, El Moussa shared with his fans that his cancer was in remission, “Today I got the best news ever…I’m cancer free and I’m healthier than ever!!!!😊😊😊. This makes me so happy not for me but for my babies ❤️. I have to be healthy and alive for them!! (I’m tearing up writing this😭😭😭).”

El Moussa did not allow cancer or any other life events to slow him down. He’s now engaged to Heather Rae Young from Netflix’s Selling Sunset.

Tarek El Moussa Is Preparing for His Upcoming Nuptials

The Flipping 101 star posted on Instagram that preparing for his wedding has been fun, and he is looking forward to marrying his bride.

El Moussa writes, “Partner in crime 🔥 Lots of wedding planning and events coming up- our engagement party is THIS month!! I can’t wait to marry her. 🙏 Honestly didn’t expect wedding planning for the second time was going to be fun but @heatherraeyoung and I agree on everything.”

El Moussa’s Instagram ranges from personal testimony to instructional content for real estate entrepreneurs.