High cholesterol: A blue or grey arc in your eyes known as arcus senilis is a symptom – What We Know!

In a examine revealed within the Nationwide Library of Medication, the importance of corneal arcus was investigated.

Within the examine 500 folks above the age of 40 have been screened for corneal arcus and have been studied with reference to age, intercourse, food regimen habits, thickening of peripheral arteries (fundus examination), blood stress and related cataract and fundus pathology.

Solely 225 out of the five hundred screened had corneal arcus (45 p.c).

A definite enhance within the incidence of corneal arcus with age may be noticed and extra so above the age of 60.

“Corneal arcus was current solely in 45 p.c of the entire 500 sufferers screened over 40 years of age. Nonetheless, it was current in over 70 p.c of instances over 60,” stated the examine.

It concluded: “Fasting serum triglyceride, one of many correct indices of practical standing of lipid metabolism was raised in 72 p.c of instances suggesting a powerful correlation between impairment of lipid metabolism and incidence of corneal arcus.”

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