Hilary Langlois: Virginia Woman Fired Over Neighbor’s Video

Hilary Langlois: Virginia Woman Fired Over Neighbor’s Video


Laquetta Good shared footage on Facebook following a confrontation with a woman she identified as Hilary Langlois.

A White woman in Colonial Heights, Virginia was fired from her job after she was caught on video telling her Black neighbor, Laquetta Good, she is “not the right color” in a shouting match. The White woman was fired from her job at the Chesterfield Food Bank, the Progress-Index reported. Good identified the woman as Hilary Langlois.

Good shared clips of the videos on Facebook April 22, 2021.

“You are not the right color, honey!” the White woman shouts from Good’s yard.

Here’s what you need to know:

Langlois Was Fired From Her Job & Others Gathered to Support Good

Langlois was fired from her job at the Chesterfield Food Bank following the incident with Good, CEO Kim Hill wrote in a statement on Facebook. She said they were “broken-hearted” about the incident.

The statement said:

We want to thank everyone for reaching out to us in regards to the video and story that was posted this morning regarding a confrontation between an individual and one of our employees in their neighborhood .
We, here at the CFB, are broken-hearted to view this conduct as it goes directly against our values and beliefs. We are honored to serve everyone in need with dignity & integrity.
In response to this situation, we have terminated this employee. We remain committed to creating and providing a positive, uplifting, and encouraging environment for our staff, volunteers, and clients.
Thank you for your continued support.

Good also thanked the food bank for their response.

“I spoke to the CEO at the Food bank they are stating they do not support the incident that happened with me,” Good wrote on Facebook. “They are releasing a statement. They are going to take care of her on their end. Everyone I thank you for support!! Thank you all for standing with me it means a lot!!No more calls to the food bank however let’s continue to use our voices and notify the WTVR CBS 6 News”

A small group of people gathered in front of Good’s property to advocate for Good, who said she did not feel safe to leave her house following the incident. They chanted “No justice, no peace” and spoke out on behalf of Good.

Good Said Langlois Called the Police to Search Her House Because She Thought She Was a Drug Dealer Who Could Not Afford Her House or Car

Good wrote on Facebook she has had ongoing issues with Langlois, and said the woman called the police to search her house because she thought she was a drug dealer.

“Let’s rewind back to the beginning when she called the police to search my house for drugs because her words were I couldn’t afford my house, I never leave the house so I had to sell drugs because I’m black and had a Porsche,” Good wrote on Facebook. “Yes the POLICE SURE DID SEARCH MY HOUSE FOR DRUGS SMH. No drugs were found I work from home!! This has been going on for MONTHS.”

In another post, she wrote that Langlois and her children refused to move so she could park in front of her house.

Several video clips showed the altercation between Langlois and Good.

“I’m a n*****?” Good asks the woman in another clip.

“Yes you are,” the woman responds.

A longer version of the video shows Langlois walking swiftly up to Good’s porch and rapping on the door. She calls to children off-screen to get her phone. The children run up to the property and scatter.