Hinderless Death Video Facebook | Tiktok Death Video Ronnie

Hinderless Death Video Facebook

Hinderless Death Video Facebook | Tiktok Death Video Ronnie | Ronnie McNutt Death Video – A man by the name Ronnie McNutt has killed himself. He didn’t just kill himself, he made sure everybody knows before taking his own life.

Watch the video below here

Ronnie McNutt killed himself after he lost his job and also his girlfriend.

The Non-Demominatinal Celebration Church Tupelo confirmed on Facebook that Ronnie McNutt has passed on.
In A Lengthy Facebook Post, They Wrote
In the midst of a sudden tragedy that occurred last night, we grieve with the McNutt Family during this time because passing of our brother in Christ, Ronnie McNutt.

Ronnie will be missed by all who loved and knew him. He was very caring, committed, loyal, dependable, and eccentric. He served his church faithfully and was loved by many. Although events surrounding his death were tragic, we take comfort in our Creator, believing that because of Ronnie’s confession and conversion as a believer in Christ Jesus, he is currently before our loving Father.

The funeral for Ronnie will be at McMillan Funeral Home (702 W College St, Booneville, MS 38829), tomorrow (Sept 2) with visitation 12-2 and funeral at 2. If you would like to donate, we have started a fund for him to help pay for funeral expenses. All of these funds will go towards Ronnie’s funeral and any miscellaneous expenses that may arise.

We love and pray for everyone in the McNutt family, Celebration Church, and those affected by Ronnie’s passing. We can take comfort in our Shepard’s arms by drawing near to Him during this time, having Him comfort us while we grieve with those who grieve. God Bless!

Kimi Steele wrote – Please say a prayer right now for the family of Ronnie McNutt. He just killed himself live on FB and I cannot unsee this. What do you do? I happened to the last min get on FB before I went to sleep and I saw it. I tried but apparently it wasn’t quick enough to reach him. I wasn’t quick enough. Dear God I wish I could have gotten to him.

Suicide is so real, guys please lookout for the signs! I’m so sick. Just pray for his mom that loved her son and saw this. Oh dear God, He seemed so “ok” just an hour before he did it. He was posting about pain and Gods sovereignty. Man guys.

Callie E Pannell wrote – Oh my gosh!!! He did it live?! I’m so sorry you saw it… that’d be a scene I’d forevermore play over and over again in my head. Praying so very very hard for this family and for you Kimi.
Christi Lynn Kelly Wrote – I got too late. I was watching it trying to figure out what was going on then I called our friend to get his address and he freaking shot himself in the head.

In front of his mom. He was apparently reaching out for an hour. An hour. How could no one get to him?
Natalie Spencer wrote – Oh how awful. Jesus please calm her, reassure her, be with his family and anyone who saw it. The darkness over this earth grows stronger every day. Shield us, clothe us, that we never have a chink in our armour.

Dale Hathorn wrote – Kimi people were trying to talk to him and he wouldn’t respond except through anger. His girlfriend broke up with him today, and that must have triggered something. All of us were trying to talk to him to no avail.