History of the development of the most popular games in the casino: blackjack, roulette, poker

Learn about the past of the most popular casino games like poker or roulette that we love and play every day unaware of how they evolved or changed through history. 

The history of casino games is a history regarding the people who play and enjoy them over centuries and like any history, it is filled with twists and excitement. It seems like gambling is in human nature and our desire for wagering is written deep inside our DNA. If we browse through this account of gambling over the ages, we will find that even ancient Egyptians or Chinese enjoyed games that were precursors of roulette, blackjack, or poker. From ancient dice games to modern online casinos, it seems like our desire for risking our money hasn’t changed a bit. What did change is that games like poker have become internationally popular and turned into tournaments racking billions of dollars every year, and all started a long time ago.

The Sum Of Twenty One

It is fair to say that every modern casino game originates from France before the Revolution expelled all those aristocrats who then brought their favorite pastime to the new world. What we know as blackjack used to be called Twenty-One, with similar rules but with more dealer power as only he was able to double down. Like any history of games in casinos, this one is written in smokey parlors in New Orleans or New York where French settlers brought their gambling skills. They evolved through decades as Americans made them simpler, faster, and more accessible to anyone. That is the American way, so twenty-one became a blackjack, the most popular casino entertainment worldwide.

When the first online casino sites were introduced, blackjack exploded in popularity, especially during the 90s when it became a global phenomenon. It has been popularized through Hollywood movies like a James Bond franchise or books about those exploits of the MIT blackjack team. Today, it is a part of popular culture and a site that wants to be called the best online casino must introduce several blackjack varieties to its loyal players. This includes Switch, Spanish 21, or even Face Up blackjack. There are dozens of popular varieties nowadays played even in minimum deposit casino sites worldwide.

Lottery Made For Everyone 

Another popular pastime that came from France actually has some Italian origins in a lottery-type amusement called cavagnole which didn’t include any spinning wheel or red and white fields. Before slots became ultra-popular, roulette was a game of choice for millions of people eager to make some quick cash. French did add a spinning wheel to it, but American entrepreneurs added a couple of zeroes so that house edge would remain in their favor. Today one can play at $10 deposit casinos Australia or New Zealand can offer, but back in those days with no Internet, Monte Carlo was a legendary place for roulette. Even today, with all online casinos worldwide, people still visit this place as a roulette Mecca of sorts, just to feel that glorious spirit of its past. There is even a rumor that Casanova himself played a cavagnol lottery and came up with an idea for roulette so he could make more money for himself.

American Made

If there is one game that deserves to be called American that would be poker without questioning. Today, it brings the biggest earnings in gambling, totaling millions in each tournament worldwide, but it all started in Wild West saloons where cowboys tested their bluffing skills. Draw poker or stud variations were most popular before Texas Hold’em took over in the 90′ s but it was that betting and all that bluffing that made it appealing for everyone. We even have professional players these days who rack millions in earnings or rewards from tournaments as well as from online casino play. Poker symbolizes American mentality with that willingness to risk or bluff when necessary and it is 100% American made.

Today, anyone can join a quick game of poker with a click on his iPhone, but the most popular games in gambling are those same games that people played decades ago. They are a product of an evolution of entertainment that started in royal salons, went through speakeasy parlors, and ended in televised WSOP tournaments we see today. It is a combination of our desire to gamble with modern technology that makes things more accessible and easy to handle. There is some real money to be made out there so anyone who believes in his skills has a chance to prove himself. That is what will always make roulette, poker, or blackjack the most popular pastime in history, until the end of time.