How can a student rest with benefit?

Tired after school? We have some ideas for you that will make your vacation wonderful and unforgettable! However, it will be just as useful as a research paper checker for an essay!

Creativity and new hobbies

To feel like an artist, you don’t have to have an easel, oil paints and a scarf to the floor – just a pencil and an old notebook. Even if you’ve never had a knack for drawing, don’t hesitate: Google will offer you a bunch of simple cute illustrations that are easy to reproduce without creative practice. Or maybe you wanted to do soap making? Master yoga? Learn the dance of Britney Spears? Cross-stitch Darth Vader on a decorative pillow? Learn to play a tune with Harry Potter on a calculator? Everything is in your hands! Creative activity will calm the soul and can reveal your unexpected talents.


Yes, there are still a lot of free courses on the Internet to learn anything. However, during a coronavirus pandemic, many services offer discounts on popular online destinations, or even offer them for free. If you lacked the motivation to learn French or a new profession, think about it: aren’t you attracted to the opportunity to get for free what you have to pay up to several thousand dollars for another time?

Arranging the wardrobe

Have you ever thought that your closet looks at you reproachfully? If you notice the following, then:

  1. a) you definitely stayed at home;
  2. b) time to carry out general cleaning.

Disassemble all the old things: clothes, books, trinkets bought over the years or souvenirs brought from all seas. Soberly and honestly assess how much you need this or that copy. If you have not put flowers in this vase for three years, you are unlikely to ever put it, and it only takes up space in the apartment. This activity will not only free up space and add space, but also allows you to clean energetically: many people feel relieved by carrying bags of things that have not been used for years.

Once there is more space, organize and describe everything that can be arranged and described. Home library, a collection of figures from kinder-surprises, awards for each member of the family, all the spices from the kitchen cupboard. You may have unfairly forgotten about one of your comrades, so it’s time to get him back to work. And the folded system will help to find the necessary copy quickly if necessary.

Options for the company

I will say at once that it is highly desirable to try such items in the company, so they mean that you have invited someone to visit in advance or visited someone yourself.

So, let’s go… what you can do with friends:

  • board games;
  • fool around (although it can be done alone);
  • take interesting tests (this can also be done alone, but in the company is much more interesting, so you will immediately forget about boredom);
  • to start an interesting dispute (I emphasize: INTERESTING, not the way to a fight, we still live in a civilized society, right ?!).