How Elisabeth Shue Reacted To Being Reunited With Ralph Macchio on the Set of ‘Cobra Kai’

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Audiences were introduced to the character Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue) in the 1984 martial arts film, “The Karate Kid.” The teenager briefly serves as Daniel LaRusso’s (Ralph Macchio) love interest. However, they soon break up due to a misunderstanding involving her friendship with a UCLA football player. The character does not appear in any of the movie’s sequels.

Elisabeth Shue Revealed How She Reacted To Seeing Ralph Macchio on the Set of “Cobra Kai”

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In the acclaimed series “Cobra Kai,” Daniel and his rival Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka), who also dated Ali, mention her a few times throughout season 1 and season 2. However, it was not until the show’s third season did Elisabeth Shue step back into Ali’s shoes.

During a behind-the-scenes interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress discussed how she reacted to seeing her former on-screen love interest, Ralph Macchio, after being apart for over 30 years.

“When I saw him, I said ‘oh god.’ Like, like it was like so shocking and so, so happy at the same time. It was like ‘wow, hi.’ It was just really nice,” revealed the actress. 

While speaking to Men’s Health in January, Macchio shared similar information. He told the publication that he ran into Shue while attending the 1986 World Series. He explained that during their encounter, the actress asked him why “her character was quickly disposed of at the beginning of ‘The Karate Kid Part II.’” 

“So that was my last conversation with her, why did that happen that way, and I didn’t have an answer, and I felt sympathy for her, even though the sequel goes in a different direction, to Okinawa and Miyagi’s story,” said Macchio. 

He went on to say that “it was interesting” to be reunited on the set of “Cobra Kai.”

“She just said ‘Oh my god!’ and I laughed at that because I’m like, ‘Who were you expecting?’” recalled the actor.

Macchio then explained that he will always have a connection to Shue because of starring in “The Karate Kid” together.

“There’s this unspoken kindred spirit; it’s like a high school reunion where it feels like no time went by. It was instant, it was Daniel and ‘Ali with an I.’ It was a little emotional,” revealed the 59-year-old.

Elisabeth Shue Discussed Feeling “Emotional” While Filming “Cobra Kai”

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Getty Elisabeth Shue is photographed at the Battle of the Sexes Los Angeles Premiere in 2017.

During a January interview with Entertainment Weekly, Shue also revealed that she felt “emotional” while shooting the scene where her character is “saying goodbye to” Daniel. She explained that having that reaction “really surprised [her]” and she “was almost embarrassed” by it. She went on to say that she responded the way she did because “it was this sense of saying goodbye to your childhood.” She told the publication: 

I mean, that sounds pretty intense, but you know, your first crush, your first love — so to be able to experience the emotions that you felt for your first crush again… it really was a wonderful setup for these characters to be able to feel a loss of innocence and a reconnection and respect. To have those two go hand in hand, it was actually an amazing thing to feel as an actor and a human.

To see more of Shue and Macchio, check out “Cobra Kai” season 3, available to stream on Netflix.  

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