How Many Children Does Aziza Kibibi Have? Details On The Woman Who Had To Bear Child From Her Rapist Father – What We Know!

Aziza Kibibi is a creator, Activist, Chef, Media Persona, Life Coach, Mother, and Survivor.

Aziza uncovered the clouded facet of her household makes a distinction to the general public which shocked the world. The Investigation Discovery has even chronicled the horrible story of her dad Aswad Ayinde, a once-regarded music video chief who ended up being an attacker, wicked pedophile, controller, and assaulter, into an episode Evil Lives Right here: Considered one of His Ladies.

What variety of Youngsters Does Aziza Kibibi Have? Aziza Kibibi has 5 children altogether, 4 out of inbreeding and one from her relationship together with her earlier partner.

As per Each day Mail, her dad began assaulting Aziza when she was simply 10 years of age and saved on shaping this wicked relationship for fairly a very long time. Due to their indecent and corrupt relationship, Aziza changed into the mom of 4 kids. Just a few of her kids even had an intriguing hereditary situation that’s brought about due to inbreeding.

She has her most youthful baby named Uriel, who’s as of now 14 years of age, together with her then-spouse.

Subtleties On Her Mom And Rapist Father Aswad Ayinde It’s noticed that Aziza Kibibi’s mother Aikasha saved up with quiet in any occasion, when she was very a lot conscious that her children had been handled extra horrible by their very own attacker father.

What’s extra, clearly, that moreover incorporates forbidden connections, assault, and misuse. Aikasha, who imparts 9 children altogether to her dangerous ex Aswad, has successfully acquired separated from him. What’s extra, she even confirmed her brave facet subsequent to affirming within the courtroom towards him. It’s noticed that Aikasha likewise has been a survivor of Aswad’s viciousness additionally, and conceded that she had not safeguarded her children.

Previous to being named as an attacker father, Aswad Ayinde was notable as an honor successful music video chief for his exceptional headings within the Fugees’ Killing Me Softly video. an All of it started with a person who tracked down achievement within the music enterprise (he coordinated the )

Aziza has uncovered already that she even deceived her higher half close to her children’ place to begin and once they had been within the blooming interval of their heartfelt inclusion, she used to ship her kids to her mom’s house.

The place Might Aziza Kibibi At this time be? Aziza Kibibi is carrying on together with her free life right this moment together with her kids. Moreover, she even retains on involving her voice for mindfulness and empowering the assault casualties to face up.

Then once more, her dad Ayinde acquired condemned to 90 years in jail for submitting such indecent demonstrations.

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