How NFTs Will Disrupt Gaming in 2022

How can NFTs affect the gaming industry in 2022? Keep reading to learn how this technology can revolutionize the gaming world.

What is NFT?

If you are engaged in mobile web application development services, you should certainly learn more about the peculiarities of NFT technology. NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique unit of information (photo, video, picture, etc.) It may serve as an analog of physical collectibles. To make things easier, an NFT token is a certificate of authenticity.

In 2021, many NFT trading platforms appeared on the market. They used to sell multiple products – from domain names to virtual worlds. The very first NFT token is the Quantum gif image. Kevin McCoy’s work was sold for $1.4 million last summer. But how can this technology disrupt gaming? Keep reading to have a deeper insight into the matter.

How Do Game NFTs Work?

When you buy an NFT token, you achieve a certificate of your purchase. Otherwise, it does not protect the purchase from being copied by other users. However, keep in mind that the creator of a certain NFT token preserves the right to block access to it.

NFTs give authors and creators an exceptional opportunity to monetize their digital works, while buyers can receive a certificate that they have the original product. This entire market is powered by the Ethereum blockchain platform. It is a decentralized computer network designed not only to exchange and store different types of cryptocurrency but also to support applications developed within the ecosystem.

Ethereum began to function in 2015, but it got popular among users only in 2017. Then the Canadian studio Dapper Labs released a blockchain-based game CryptoKitties which engages users to own a cat, feed it and sell virtual cats. Each of them has its number, as well as “Cattributes” such as mouth shape, eye color, type of coat, and so on. Prices for some pets reached up to $300,000. However, the developers of gaming NFT crypto had to take a break.

In January 2021, NFTs appeared with new power. However, it is rather tricky to outline the exact reasons why NFT suddenly caught the attention of ordinary users. According to the journalist Geek Culture, this was preceded by several events and factors.

Bitcoin’s triple growth since 2017: popularity and new opportunities. Poor returns on investment made investors follow a new tactic. Rather than investing in company stocks, they started to invest in cryptocurrency. To make the profits higher, they started to look for effective cryptocurrency alternatives. Mining farms and NFTs were the best fit.

       NBA Top Short released by CryptoKitties. After establishing the company as an NFT developer, Dapper Labs was approached by the NBA. The studio has released NBA Top Short, a marketplace where players collect and sell digital collectible cards. The marketplace still ranks first in total revenue among all NFT initiatives.

       Digital content monetization. Due to the structure of the blockchain, gaming tokens crypto allow the gaming developers to avoid intermediaries in making a profit.

How Video game NFTs Can Affect the Industry in 2022?

Perhaps, many aspiring gamers do not know that there is a novelty genre with a constantly increasing audience. Crypto NFT games are a promising opportunity for all gamers to receive money, even for the time they devote to the gameplay. You can achieve real tokens and transform them into real money, withdraw or invest in multiple activities or products! Moreover, these game tokens will boost their value in the future. This means that the more you pay – the more earnings you can achieve. The value for tokens may occasionally change, so your profit may vary depending on the crypto alterations.

The NFTs gaming industry is relatively new, and you will need to devote time to make NFTs work for you in the long run. Also, keep in mind the possible risks as well. NFTs make it easy to transfer skins and other elements between different games. For example, what if the $26,000 CS: GO Dragon Lore AWP sniper rifle could be imported into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? It would be a real boost in the industry.

The incorporation of NFT into big titles is a step towards the players. This will allow users to monetize their achievements, digital assets, or time they spent on the gameplays.

Top 5 Crypto NFT Games?

If you want to take a deep dive into the NFT future gamer model, you will definitely need to explore the most popular games that are compatible with NFTs. Study the entire list to open new horizons in your gaming industry.

  •         Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity earns a decent spot in the modern NFTs gaming market. Axie Infinity is a really exciting Ethereum NFT collectible game. The players compete with each other by creating new Axie virtual creatures.

To start your gaming journey, just download the game, complete the registration process, and purchase three Axies (this is the minimum number of team members). Each Axie refers to a particular NFT token. You can boost the value of your Axies, sell them, create teams, and compete with other players.

  •         Town Star

The second game on today’s list is available free of charge. However, if you want to contribute to your gaming experience, then some of the game NFTs will be quite useful.

Not all gamers will accept the approach that by investing money, players can boost their gameplay. However, some NFT games operate based on this scheme. Nevertheless, if you want to switch to another game, you can always sell your game NFTs.

  •         Splinterlands

In Splinterlands, you don’t need to take a deep grasp of blockchain or cryptocurrencies to acquire earnings. The cornerstone to success is to play Splinterlands well. On September 21, the NFT collectible card game Splinterlands took a leading position in the list of the best blockchain games.

Splinterlands is an NFT card game that involves unique tactics. Its goal is to engage players to gather character cards with a distinctive set of characteristics. You can use your collection to rival other users. The bragging point of the game is that all cards are available as NFTs. Besides, any player can seize the opportunity to generate profit, regardless of the level of expertise.

  •         Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is another game with NFT future. It is an immersive card game that resembles HearthStone. The main goal of the game is to fight on the deck made up of their NFT cards. Currently, the cards aren’t that demandable and of great value, but the possible growth of the game’s fans can drastically change it.

  •         Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds has vast popularity among blockchain gamers. 2 million users have already tried this game. It is possible to get from 1 to 3 NFTs every hour. The main goal of the game is to press one button in a particular period. Then the game “determines” whether you have won any NFTs.

Final Word

Gaming NFT crypto has considerably changed the industry. It allows for new opportunities for both aspiring and experienced gamers. Since this technology is relatively new in the gaming market, it also requires software related to the supply chain like on this page – However, the new NFT game goals for 2022 are very promising.